Relationships are a fragile matter that needs to be carefully strengthened. Sometimes it is difficult, but if you follow some rules, you can greatly simplify the case. Below there is a list of relationship advices that will help to understand the specifics of the relationship and make the life of lovers easier.

Truth 1. A man and woman are from different planets

It would seem that people are all similar: 1 head, 2 legs, 10 fingers and toes, but it is only a shell. In fact, man is an individual human being, especially if they are individuals of different sexes. Women are sensitive, emotional and love with their ears. Men are more reserved, and usually nor really, a fun of showing their emotions and they love silently. As many times was said ‘Men is from Mars and women are from Viennese’

Truth 2. No one owes anybody anything.

Often you can hear these phrases: "He must pay for me, give gifts call me and give me complements 20 times a day."Alternatively,"She has to cook, clean and happily me from work with a set table and happy face. » These thoughts have been placed in our heads from the ancient times, but they are wrong. Remember, no one owes anybody anything. So one of the most important tip for couple is do not demand from the one you love.

You can distribute the roles, take on equal responsibilities, but do not talk about the imaginary debt. When you choose a partner, you teach his interests, attitude to life and should respect them.

Truth 3. Everyone should have a personal life

The next advice on the relationship for couples is to give some space. There are false thoughts that if you are a happy couple you have to be always together and know everything about each other. However, there are boundaries that cannot be crossed. Each person should have his or her own personal space. Your phone is only yours. His phone is only his. You cannot demand your partner to view all his photos, messages, and browser history. In addition, each of you has the right to spend time with friends or do something you like.

Truth 4. Joint Hobbies are good if they are interesting for both

It happens that one of the couple got carried away with something and really wants to involve his partner in it, forgetting about the interests of the other. No need to force a man to go to Pilates, quilling or learn the technique of tango, even if you think it is extremely interesting. Men should not call a woman to football, to the gym or to arrange an alcohol marathon at the nearest bars, if the lady of the heart is not interested in this.

Spending time together is great, but we must not forget about the interests of each partner. For joint leisure it is better to choose something less exotic. You can watch a movie, play Board games or meet up with common friends. In General, choose that both of you like.

Truth 5. We should let each other rest.

Yes, all pairs are halves of one whole. It is very good, but it is impossible to be with the person constantly. To happily greeted, you need to miss. Spend the day with friends, fishing, or in the beauty salon. After, when you get a little bored with each other, you can enjoy a joint pastime.

Truth 6. Jealousy is annoying

There is an opinion that jealousy fuels the relationship. Moreover, not only one who is jealous thinks so, but the one whom. Perhaps as a joke, this «crimp in a relationship" is not so bad, but jealous in all seriousness and at the top of his throat, you can only cause irritation.

If a person is honest and done nothing wrong, he/she will be angry, that somebody always suspects him/her. This attitude can lead to constant scandals and even separation. No one likes to be jealous of every post. If it seems to you that jealousy is the way to show love for a partner, you are wrong. The only thig you show is distrust so the best couple advice we can give is trust, trust and only trust.

Truth 7. People do not change

This advice is for both men and women. If people could be changed, it would be much easier to live. Change here correct there and now, your perfect partner is ready to serve with faith and truth for the rest of your life. However, it is not so simple in the real life. You are acquainted with an already established person who has his own set of character, life position and appearance. If he says that he likes dogs enjoying travelling and parting with friend and never wants to have kids it means that the chance that he will change and start loving your cats sit at home with you and have 10 kids is equals to 0.

Of course, there is a temptation to cut a half and make it perfect, but it is easier to choose a person suitable for you. Just think, you probably would not want to be in the shoes of someone you want to subjugate.

The truth 8. Nobody is perfect.

For the first time after dating the person seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. The honeymoon phase only adds brightness to the colors. In the begging of the relationship, no one shows that he knows how to get sick, is familiar with a bad mood and does not always close the toothpaste. After a time it turns out that, he is not fan of making the surprises, and she does not know how to cook, offering to order a pizza. Then you find out that Prince/Princess is not so perfect.

Just remember people are not perfect, there are not ideal person in the world. If you remember this, it turns out that it is not so scary. Accept it and the problems will go away.

Truth 9. Flirting either with you or with another one

Anyone needs a flirt. A smile and coquetry will raise any self-esteem. If you stop playing the flirt game with the one you love, choice can fall on the other. This does not mean that you have reason to worry that your love is gone;it is just a game without continuation. Try to be with each other as it is your first week of dating and then do not have to look for someone on the side.

The truth 10. Relationship is hard work.

Building a relationship is no easier than building a house. The blocks will not put themselves to make a wall, so from day to day, each partner needs to strengthen the bond, making the relationship stronger. You have to listen, sometimes make concessions for relationship to become a real fortress in years.

If Relationship builds on respect, support, no one can break it. No one wants to leave the place where everything is good. Therefore, if you investing force, you will always see a return. The main thing is so both of you make effort otherwise relationship will not work.

The truth 11. The child will not keep the relationship

Couples with a tense relationship do not rarely come to the decision to give birth to a child, hoping that the care of the offspring will help them to unite. Some people listen to advices on love and relationship from friends, they tell how easy, and perfect their love became with children. Wellin the reality, absolutely opposite usually happens. The already unhappycouple starts to get angry at each other, even before the baby is born. Mutual reproaches "He does not help! «She’scranky!” finally kill the relationship.

The truth 12. Opposites do not attract for long time

Everyone knows the phrase "opposites attract," but how much truth is there? At the beginning of the relationship, when thealready mentioned pink glasses are still in place, you are in euphoria thinking that your relationship should be very interesting and will learn many new things. However,after a while, it turns out that you have nothing to talk about. His is not interested in who are Jolie and Pitt by horoscope, and how to take perfect picture to post on Instagram. She, on the other hand fells dick when she hers his “music” called rock, and how new FIFA game could be a better investment than her new boots.

It turns out better to find a person who can share at least some of your interests. Someone to talk to about General topics. Otherwise, the relationship will converge only to the joint stay of two bodies in a certain point of the earth.

We hope that these love tips will help to understand your half. It is not easy to make someone you love happy, but use this secret tips for relationship will make everything more easily.

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