My friend is a family photographer and she often faces the fact that the family does not know what should they wear to the photoshoot and how to look as a team! In this case, it always helps couples choose the image that suit them and makes them look complete on the photo! The popular "Family Look” is becoming the magic wand in these situations. It helps to look harmoniously as one friendly strong team and show your uniqueness and individuality at the same time! Therefore, in this article we brought together the top 15 stylish family images:

1. The most important rule is the clothes should fit the situation!

Think of how weird you will look wearing fur coat in the summer or otherwise taking pictures on the in light t-shirts on the snow. Remember, if it is winter, you should wear a knitted sweater with deer and snowflakes, hats with pompoms, or socks, hoodies or warm jackets for kids! If it is summer, you should choose light outfits made of natural fabric, dresses or skirts, shorts or pants, floral wreaths on the head, wildflowers!

2. Single style!

The easiest way - is to choose the same dress for daughter and mother. Make shirt with socks for dad with son from this fabric too. Then the outfit of the whole family will be in harmony with the overall style at the shooting or party!

3. Details make difference.

It’s not necessary to be identical, you can just sew two different dresses from the same fabric or to use some one uniting detail in images (jewelry on the head, footwear to all family members, accessories of one style, same color for everyone, the invoice, a print and so on).

4. The fourth way is even easier, it is enough to choose a certain style and choose the right clothes.

Let us say you shoot in the style of boho! You need to buy long, bright sundresses, earrings with feathers and many bracelets - for girls! Dad and son should have the same cotton pants and shirts. The whole family should be barefoot and in suits made of natural fabrics! Outfit is ready.

5. Have your "Thing"!

Use a certain detail with makes you! It can be the same watches or hats for everyone from your family! There should always be one common detail in the images of mother, father and child; it will emphasize your single style! You can even come up with a certain detail you will wear to every party or shooting making you special!

6. The next interesting technique is a print.

You can focus on the overall family pattern on t-shirts, applique on jeans or denim jackets, children's pattern on parents t-shirts. On the other hand, it can even be the same baseball caps with the same pattern! The partner should be in the clothes of all family members, and then it will be possible to make harmony in family images.

7. Sea theme!

Here everything is simple: all clothes should be striped and the color of the sea wave. My mom's striped top, daughter should wear striped dress, dad can wear scarf or captain’s hat, and the son - slacks or shorts. Better if the colors match too, but it is not necessary. You can also add accessories in the Sailor Style, such as anchor, ships, boat with a grid and more.

8. There is another way to make a family look - it's a color!

However, you need to understand that it will require preparation. It is necessary to start with the basic palette; these shades are suitable for everyone and it would be easy to choose a stylish outfit! However, if you are not afraid of anything and are ready for bright solutions and intense colors, let them occur in small details: a bright handbag for mom, a catchy tie for dad, a red skirt for daughter, and green gloves for son. There are different ways to add color to your look, just use your imagination.

9. Easy and cheap way to make you all look as a team is to use same t-shirts.

The whole family should be in jeans and white t-shirts with one image or the same prints! They can be combined for each family member in different ways, while the overall style will be the same. T-shirts may also, reflect the personality of each family member. Just do not forget that, this t-shirt should be the only bright accent in the image. The main thing is not to overdo it!

10. Home comfort and convenience!

In this look, all family could wear pajamas of the same color or just look sleepy and cozy! Either one color nightshirt and a different color eye patch or slippers. Even bath ropes or funny home clothes would suit, as long as you look sweet homey and happy.

11. Today natural and eco style has become fashionable.

As a family, you can also play with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton! Mom and daughter can wear sundress or skirts with tops, dad and son shirts, pants or shorts - all made of natural fabrics. It is always comfortable and fashionable in any season!

12. Black and white are our all.

This black and white are the two colors, which are always, be classics in fashion. Man could wear black and white suit same as son. Mother and daughter could wear black dresses. This look will always look harmonically.

13. Sport family.

Family look in sport style is easy to be made for everyone in your family. Just wear trainer (t-shirt, hoodie). Take some sport equipment with you or pretend that you are playing sports. This look is simple, but makes the family look complete.

14. A combination of luxury and minimalism!

Solid top things (sweater or blouse) in combination with bright skirts or trousers, dresses with prints will give the image of uniqueness in the latest fashion trends. You can also consider images such as outerwear large knit combined with a silk blouse. Also, do not forget about the elements of velvet and leather in your images.

15. In addition, our last point will be the most important.

Let the family look become a real tradition for your family. Dress up in the different style for every holiday, showing everyone around their unity and common style! As you can notice, a family dresses in the same style, shows their strong family relationships.

I hope that these 15 points help you to understand that whole family can be harmonious not only in images, but also in relationships! This is a very important indicator of cohesion. Try to become a personal stylist of your family and make a “family look” yourself for any holiday, photoshoot, party or even a family walk in the park! However, the main rule - do not chase fashion! Create unique images that contain the individuality of your family and that will suit you and your children! Wish you stylish family images!

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