Date offline is a certain way to take the relationship to the next level. However, before the first date, there are some things you can do to get the best date possible. In this article, we present five ideas to make your date the best.

Before the date…

You need to make good impression.

Okay, although its sounds obvious but planning your first impression is extremely important. A symbolic gift, arriving at the date a bit early to meet you lady, finding a perfect place. These are subtle ways to show that you care. Also, you should think about some questions to ask. Take the conversation into your hands and your partner will feel more comfortable and open and you will look very confident.

Do not do too much.

Being modest is an undervalued characteristic when it comes to dating. Scientist proved that has ego-boosting profiles are actually much less eye-catching than modest profiles. Same we can say about first date, do not talk too much about yourself. Ask questions and show your date that you are interested and you will totally get the second one.

After the date…

Be open.

Do you feel like you have known each other for ages? The ability to be honest and open on the first date not only shows you feel at ease with your date but also sets you in a good light. If your partner shared some funny personal stories and asked in-depth questions, then you can be (95%) sure they are interested in you and you will get the second one. If you are an open person, you will have much more chance to feel confident, and your date will feel it. Once you have built up a relationship, we have the best questions to get to know your date.

Careful guys…

Research shows that men tend to overestimate the interest a woman has in them please do not think you already got the second date before the first one even started! Usually you become more and more confident during the date and even more if the t date is attractive. On the subconscious level, men treat romance like a fire; they think, “It’s better to risk and get burned then to fail picking up on heat” which obviously is not always a good thing.


Most of women picked generosity as one of the most important qualities in men. Now this will make you think about men paying for the first date. However, we are talking not about it: treating staff kindly, keeping your date’s needs in mind and your overall willingness to give is very important. If woman sees that you want to take care of her, she will want to care of you too.

Of course you might feel nervous preparing for your first date but if you remember our tips it is definitely will be easier for you to get the second date.

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