Although spring is official season for love, summer is the best time for best dates. The warm summer evenings, wonderful sunsets and hot days put in romantic mood. Basically, summer is perfect time to ask someone out for a date.

In any other seasons of the year you can do ordinary dating things like go to the bar or restaurant, cinema or stay home. However, in summer you should get the most out of the date. Who would choose a stuffy restaurant or sweltering bar over an evening on the beach watching the sunset? The thing about summer dates is that to get them right, they require you to get a bit more creative and we will give you some tips.

1. Skip the restaurant, spend time outside

If you are planning the date in the summer remember just be outside. There are so many cute ways that you can use to make an outdoor dinner date romantic. Blankets, candles, lights, fresh berries and champagne will make the perfect picnic. As the sun sets, you will not be able to keep your hands off each other… You can take your swimsuits with you a have an evening swim together. Is not it an every girl dream to swim and look into each other eyes under the stars?

2. Ice cream is made for summer

Some people believe that ice cream helps couples to fall in love. Well, if that is what you want, find and take you date to the best ice cream spot in your city. In the warm summer weather, an ice cream makes the perfect start to a date. Choose the ice cream yourself and let your partner chose the topping, get two spoons and split it.

3. See a fresh air show

You know there are not only indoor cinema but also an outdoor one and it is much more fun. Look out for local al fresco events – there are outdoor shows, movies, and concerts during the warmer summer months. Just grab a popcorn and some snacks, take you date and blanket, and enjoy the movie and hugs.

4. Get wet

One thing everyone must do in summer is take your date out on the water date. It could be boat or yacht trip, extreme like banana or Jet Ski rides, fishing and many other. Being a couple does not mean that you must only sit and hold hands. It means that you can have fun together and enjoy your time. And if you want more romance just use sun cream and rub each other backs.

5. Create your own restaurant

Instead of heading to your local restaurant or bar, invite your date to join you in your garden or up on your roof terrace. Use candles, dot tea lights or fairy lightsaround, order or cook some food make special cocktails. Spend the evening lounging together under the stars, chatting about anything and everything!

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