We have all been there before… We have lost the person who were the love our life and we just cannot let go. You will sit at home remembering every moment of your relationship to see where did you made a mistaken. Maybe you are the type that look at the phone every minute wanting them to call or to text. You live on their Facebook page as if it was your own one. It is obvious that you are not over your ex, even though you really want to be.

Your friends probably telling you that you have to move on and meet someone new and maybe they are right. But how to do it? Everything is reminding you of love you have lost —a song on the radio, a table in your favorite café, even something as ordinary as the type of juice you buy at the grocery store. How can you effectively move on if you are always thinking of them?

1. You can be sad

No one expects you to move on easily and be happy straight away. Give yourself time to grieve. You have right to be upset and cry over a relationship that did not work out. You can turn off your phone, take a few days off work, stay to yourself listen to the sad songs, and eat the ice cream — just do not make it a long-term thing. You do not need a depression; it is much harder to get rid of that one.

2. Remember not only good memories

When we are missing our exes, we usually think only about good things missing out the real reason of breaking up. Like the romantic dinner with candles or the amazing weekend trip, which you spend, together. What we fail to do is remember everything else. We forget that you had a lot of fight and that person had annoying habits, which you hardly could not stand. You would simply forget all the fights you had. If you want to get over the break up you must open your eyes and look at whole picture.

3. Remember what you liked before

Before you became a couple, you may have loved computer games, but when you started dating your ex, you left that hobby so that you could spend more time with them. Now you are free again, and you can get back to your old hobbies. Get a new game and play as long as you want, walk around naked or eat in the bed. Pick up tickets to the rock band. Spend hours reading magazine, sing in the shower. Whatever it is that you felt like you gave up being with your ex. It definitely will help you to get back to you from before the relationship, which will help you to move on.

4. Start thinking about yourself

When we are dating someone, we tend to lose some of whom we are. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does take some time to find the single you. Take some time to yourself; spend some time and money on yourself. Think and find out if the person you are now is the person, you like to be. On the other hand, maybe you want to change something in yourself.

5. Start getting new acquaintance

You do not have to look for new relationship right away. Sometimes your friends become friends of your ex and everybody knows everything and take sides. That is why some times it is just necessary to get out of your house and socialize with people outside of your circle of friends. If you do not feel comfortable right away to blend in with new people, you can join an online community to meet someone. Then when you are ready, you can start thinking about a relationship. It will be easier to find someone, if you have range of new people in your surroundings. You can easily use dating sites to meet someone new.

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