Each pair will come thevery moment when they need to move the relationship to the next level. You knowexactly how you feel and ready to say “the cherished three words”. However, how to confess your love: how to understand that it is theright time to say I love you , and besure that the feelings are mutual? No matter how many times you have said thosewords in the past, it is exciting and difficult to do it right now. You gocrazy trying to find out if your date feels the same way. Because you are tooafraid to be misunderstood or rejected, you decide to wait with confession. Andof course there is a mess in your head and there are a lot of questions youdon’t know the answers to. However, love can be understood without words. Inthis article, we will show you, the seven main signs he wants to say I love you.

There is a place for you in his long-term plans

Speaking of the annualfriends convention, he does not forget to mention that you are going together.Buying a new sofa for his place, he wonders if you like it because you have tosit on it together. Your partner puts both of you in a guest list for his bestfriend’s wedding in advance and checks the dates of your leave from work so youcould spend time together. Many scientists agreed that plans for a joint future– a true sign of love and affection of a partner. If he talks about it andmakes plans, then he sees you next to him in a few years. By the way, plans canbe different, from going to exhibitions next year and traveling together tobuying a flat and having children together.

He is near you in any difficulties.

We all have days whenwe feel lost and sad. However, if the one you love next to you, not alltroubles seem so terrible. Your man helps you to overcome any stressfulsituations and always lifts your mood up. One of his hilarious look helps youto feel safe and forget about all the sufferings. The man who is ready to bewith you not only when you are happy but also stand up the difficulties next toyou is clearly sweet on you.

You can easily say that he is your best friend

You know allembarrassing stories from each other's childhood and spend hours talking. Youhave a lot in common, and in the evening, you never fight deciding what towatch. Any important event in your and his life you share with each other. Itdoes not even matter whether it is bad news or good. This man has become yourbest friend, and you are more confident in him than in yourself. When it comestime to plan events for the weekend, you know that you want to please not onlyyourself, but also him. This relationship model is a bit, contrary to what wesee in romantic melodramas on TV. Moreover, many experts believe that“cinematic» love from first sight does not allow people to learn anything aboutthe partner before they are going to connect theirlives with each other.Therefore, you are on the right track, because the model in which your partneris also your best friend and you do not need to hide anything and pretend to besomeone you are is a sign of love. So why don’t you confess you love and takethe relationship to the next level?

He introduced you to his friends and family

As we said in the firstparagraph of our article, the main thing is to be present in his long-termplans. And what is the main guarantee that he wants to see you in the futurenext to him? Of course, acquaintance with friends and family. Therefore, ifyour partner introduced you to his best friends, parents or other closerelatives know this is a sure sign that he is going to connect with you hislife, and it is no long before he will say that he loves you. Most scientistsagree that the signs that you should regard as signs of love — is familiaritywith those who determine the circle of his communication, and who is at the topof this list. There is no doubt that this man is in love and he always wants tobe with you. Well, if for some reason he has not yet introduced you to hisloved ones-this is a sure sign that you need to wait with the confession ofyour love.

You trust him completely

Oddly enough, allpeople have different views on trust. Some believe that it must be earned,others trust immediately without looking back. Regardless of your idea oftrust, you can say that not only you, but also your partner 100% trust eachother. You feel that you can share with him the most cherished thoughts orfears, and know that it will remain only between you. However, remember that atthe beginning of the relationship this feeling can be caused by hormones thatproduce the brain of lovers. When the relationship enters the attachment stage,the body releases oxytocin and vasopressin to provide the partners with a senseof security.

You will want to tell the world about your love

You did not think youwould ever say the phrase I love you, but now you are ready to shout it to theworld. You can prepare for hours and imagine how you confess your love, but atthe crucial moment it will not go as you planned. This is not a big deal,because when your loved one says the same thing, you will want to scream abouthis happiness, to capture him in your arms and cover him with kisses. So if you think that you are no longer ableto keep quiet, do not be... if you love and confess.

Are you sure that now is the time

When one of the partners wants to talk aboutlove for the first time, it can be a huge breakthrough. Just to say that there is no specific datewhen to say I love you, and each pair is very individual. However, if you feelthat now all the stars aligned and you are ready to make confessions... Admit it and get the same response.

In addition I would like to say, thatunderstanding of that you love someone and are loved in return always excitesand enchants. And there is no doubt that if you pay attention to all of theabove signs you will be loved back. Do not be afraid of your feelings and youwill be happy with the one you love.

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