You met recently and spend a lot of time together and everything is going just perfect. Few weeks later unexpectedly, you realize you are in love. Yes, everyone has experienced this feeling. However, how to not get confused and not mix up infatuation or passion with love? How can we know what is true love. Scientists have identified eight signs that you can understand that you are in love.

She is always in your sight

She is not only always in your heart but also comes across your eyes all the time. No matter where you are and what you are doing. You always notice her face in the crowd, and ion a party you look for her just to make sure she is all right. In regardless of your desire you intersect with her in different places. All your conversations are eventually end with you talking about her. However, not only her appearance makes you hold your breath and gives a light of excitement. You start to freeze when you see her status "online" in social networks. Do you think that the universe itself connects you, or maybe it is Cupid?

You miss her

You get bored when she's not around, and when you are together time flies too fast. You forget about friends, acquaintances, hobbies and work. Friends say that you abandoned them, but not offended, because they were in love too. You just lose track of time when you are around her. You know exactly that you want to see her as often as possible, take her to your friends to spend the weekend together. If you have this feeling in you defiantly have feelings for him.

Romance and love

One morning you open your computer and get very surprised looking at the history of search in you browser. Instead of car brands and the latest report from the club, you see an online -flower shop and the best ways to make a date more romantic. Your music have changed too. Mixed with metal and rock, you got love songs on your phone. You suddenly like romantic movies instead of horror or actions. There is a saying “Your preferences show the state of your soul”. Therefore, if everything around you reminds you of love, then you should know you are in love.

Excitement and care has captured you

You used to imagine seeing a beautiful sexy woman in short dress or mini skirt on the high heels in any weather next to you. You wanted to spend time with friends in the bar and not to be bothered by «her calls”. However, why have everything changed now? You worry if she does not call all night and you run to meet her after work. You prefer her to wear worm sweater and jeans so she would not get cold or get sick. And if she dresses up fancy you are ready to give her your last h shirt so she does not freeze. You would rather stay home and take care of her when she is sick than go to a bar with your friends. If a man begins to take care of his partner— this is a sure sign of true love.

She is perfect

The world has never seen a girl as beautiful as her. You want to hold her tie and keep her in your hands every time he is near you, hold her hand. You want to kiss her plump lips with which she tells a funny story. You suddenly understood every poet describing the beauty of his or her muses. After all, she is a combination of all the qualities that you like: smart, beautiful, charming, kind, passionate and sexy. She makes you feel like the happiest man in the world.

You are ready to change

Usually a person is hot really into changing, but love does any wonders. So if you decide to quit Smoking because she is sick of cigarette or become more active so you could spend more time with her in nature is a sure sign of love. Good changes always lead to love, and big changes – to real love.

Operation "Free Ears"

She is beautiful, intelligent, and cheerful and you want to share with everyone that you are the man who got such a rare diamond. You share your feelings about her with your friends, and ask for love advices. Tell stories about the two of you, and retell her jokes. You want to talk about it even with complete strangers to fill your life with her even more, but for some reason they run away in panic. Friend, you just have fallen in love deeply!

You are starting to look out for yourself

You suddenly decided to go shopping to buy new and fashionable clothes for yourself. You started playing sports, finally started bringing your body in perfect shape, called and made an appointment in the salon to change your hair and have nails done. You began to drink less or even give up all of the bad habits. It is no accident, your body is preparing for love and reproduction!

If you still do not know how to recognize love, just look at our singes of love. You build joint plans, began thinking about children, family, and we you are going through this article you only have time to nod and think that everything is about you. Well what else is there to say? With a high probability, this is true love. Do not lose it and enjoy your happiness.

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