Love is a theme, that inspires everyone. From year to year people use the words of great poets to describe their feelings. When we feel lost or happy, we take a book to relive our emotions – the main one is love. It is not surprising, that most of the works of world literature devoted to her: all consuming, reckless, romantic, and sometimes destructive. Let us remember the best world works devoted to incredible love stories. In this article, we decided to collect the best works of classic and modern writes on love.

Erich Maria Remark «Three Comrades»

The book that opens our list is the one that should be read to all lovers, a wonderful book by Erich Maria Remark «Three Comrades». Book about post-war Germany is considered one of the best world novels about love. Moreover, people who can’t stand to read on a love theme are usually pay attention to this book. Perhaps, the reason is that Remark is always truthful and objective, he doesn’t like to leave illusions, but talks about the important. So heartfelt that after reading the book of revaluation of values can’t be avoided by anyone.

The book tells the story of three friends of Robert Locamp, Otto Kester, Gottfried Lenz. United by a common military past, they overcome the difficulties of the tough present: poverty, unemployment, people are taking desperate steps. However, comrades together and they are not afraid of anything, because each of them is sure that no matter what happens, he will be helped, he will be supported. It is noteworthy, that not only in this trinity there is mutual support and friendship. They are, in principle, surrounded by kind, sympathetic people. Probably and it is the press of difficult post-war time.

This book is about love. About love of friends. It is impossible to do so much for another person just out of friendly participation. About the love of a woman and man. The story of Robbie and Pat makes you cry, even if you read the book not for the first time. Their relationship is not just love; it is about two lonely people who have found each other during the losses and hardships, people who are finding each other no matter what.

So much emotion, so much suffering enclosed in such simple words. No one seems to be able to write like that, except Remark. This book is worth postponing all daily business, read it, because it is not like a cheap women’s novel and will be just as interesting to men, even those who are not a fun of «love snot».

Colleen McCullough «The Thorn Birds»

The name of this book comes from the legend of the bird that sings only once in a lifetime, but it is the most beautiful song in the world. One day she leaves her nest, flies to look for a thorn bush and doesn’t rest until she finds it. Among the thorny branches, she sings a song and rushes chest on the longest, sharpest thorn. And, towering over the unspeakable pain, it sings a song, dying. However, this song is so jubilant that both the lark and the nightingale would get jealous of it. The only one, incomparable song and the price of it is life. Nevertheless, the whole world stands still, listening and God himself smiles in the heavens. Because all the best is bought at the cost of great suffering... at least so says the legend.

There are love stories that can be called axiomatic. You can reread them many times and each time you can find something new for yourself, to experience a lot of emotions. We can definitely categorize a cult novel by McCullough «The Thorn Birds». It is to this kind of books, telling about the incredible love story and penetrating directly into the depths of the heart.

The words of this book are imprinted in the hearts for centuries. «Just try to love a man and he kills you. Just feel that without someone you can’t live — and he kills you». Amazing saga of love, honor, nobility and the difficult fate of a large family Cleary, written in 1977, was and remains popular to this day. The story is divided into 7 parts, each of which focuses on one of the characters. Nevertheless, the central characters have always been Meggie Cleary and father Ralph Raoul de Bricassart and the main storyline is their love story. Their relationship, full of love, hope and expectation, lasted a lifetime: the lovers first converged, then separated again, but always kept in the heart a tender feeling to each other. Fate breeds them in different parts of the world, but they always find each other. Ralph, who was never able to give up the church service for the sake of his love for Meggie, always regretted the choice he has made, and Meggie was always waiting for him, hoping that he will be able to return to her. This is not an easy love story, full of tender sincerity and suffering.

The book reveals a new world for us in relationships and prohibitions, allows us to enjoy what we have. Suitable for reading at any age and for any gender. And if you decide to read this book with your significant one, know, you will not be able to sleep... You will be busy discussing and digesting this book, share your opinion and listen to the opinion of the partner. After all, «The Thorn Birds» will get to you, fascinate and give food for thoughts.

Margaret Mitchell «Gone with The Wind»

«Gone with The Wind» is Margaret Mitchell's only novel. Her life ended early because of a tragic accident, but the images of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, born of the imagination of «a brave little woman» - as the American critics called the writer - are destined to live forever. This book is about love, war, betrayal, loyalty, cruelty and the beauty of life itself. This is one of those books to which you come back again and again after years and feel the joy of meeting. This novel is one of those books that grow with us. In our youth and in our mature years, we perceive completely differently, revealing the subject not only of love but also of war, of history, of wisdom.

The novel begins in a cozy family estate, where the main character Scarlett O’Hara lives. The reader sees the well-being and wealth of O’Hara’s family lands. Happy and carefree life of a young girl, who loves to try on expensive clothes, flirt with gentlemen and lives the life of a real young lady. However, the conflict with the political and economic agenda interferes in the quiet life of people. The Yankees and the war are raging. The collapse of the former life and total doom. However, is this really the case? Because Scarlett is a girl, in which character is stubborn, willfulness and the ability to get things done. In addition, the most important thing is the ability to be strong and not to give up, regardless of any external possibilities. And there was many of them in her life. O’Hara loses almost all relatives, runs the risk of losing the family mansion, becoming absolutely poor.

The book will be interesting for men, because there are quite accurate descriptions of the warfare and the spirit of the time. It will interest women, because even realizing that Scarlett does the wrong thing, you begin to understand and even support her. It will be fascinating for couples, because the love story in this book is absolutely incredible and exciting. The book is worth every minute you will spend on it, so feel free to take your soul mate, the book in hand and plunge into the world of romance, passion, cruelty and betrayal.

Leo Tolstoy «Anna Karenina»

We couldn’t leave without the attention roman Tolstoy's «Anna Karenina». In this work, the author through «the family thought» reflected the life of Russian society in the critical period of its development. The greatest love story of all time. A story, not descended from the stage of the theatre, filmed countless times and still has not lost the boundless charm of passion, the destructive passion, blind, but even more fascinating…

Anna Karenina, written by a man and yet oddly enough, he managed to convey the deepest fears and desires of women. It is strange to understand that a man could penetrate so deeply into the soul of a woman. Moreover, in a sense, this word about a woman becomes authoritative. It rehabilitates women in the eyes of men. It is about women's unfaithfulness, but only few men shouting that Anna Karenina is a woman with low social responsibility. Everyone who took this book in his/her hands begins to read biased, but as you dive into it, you begin to understand the depth and hopelessness of Anna's position, and how hard it is to make some or other decisions to all the heroes of this picture. This novel read by a love couple, will help them to avoid mistakes in the relationship and to open up to the partner and understand how contradictory feelings and emotions can be.

Emily Brontë «Wuthering Heights»

The book is about intense passion, weird and crazy love, secrets, forbidden feelings and tragic. Brontë showed characters that could both attract and disgust, but certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Well, in this book indeed there is wuthering heights, in which there is a place for many sides of a human behavior, such as: hate, revenge, envy. Many of these emotions are not suitable for the role of the best traits. The novel itself is very confusing and when you read it, it seems that you get into some wheel and run in it like a squirrel trying to understand the essence.

Mr. Lockwood tells us the story, who became a neighbor of Heathcliff. As this character, is of particular interest to Lockwood, the maid Mrs. Dean tells the story of his life. We need to mention that the story of the life of Heathcliff begins with the fact that a man named Erno brings him to his house when Heathcliff was a child. However, Erno was already the father of two children already, so the adopted child had not an easy childhood. His home life was like hell, particularly because of the children of the father. The reader will experience just a total range of emotions throughout the novel. You start to feel sorry and hate each character at the same time, because each of them constantly changes. In the middle of the book, we will face all the drama of the plot. Since all of the parents called the children by their own names, there is a feeling that the kids will grow up and this whole maelstrom of events will begin anew, which is slightly frightening and intriguing.

Novel shows how much time in our life we spend on foolish hate and on attempts to take revenge. We can’t just live and enjoy life, we are bored of it, and we constantly need to have a piece of revenge and evil in our life. We believe that author tried to show the border between good and evil in this book. You can’t tell what opinion you are about one of other character, because throughout the book they change and not always for the better.

Cecilia Ahern «P.S. I Love You»

The first novel by Cecilia Ahern, which instantly became a bestseller and brought fame to the author. And it is not surprising, because this book can act as a shock therapy. A book that revives and proves that love is stronger than death.

Life can’t consist only of wonderful moments. Otherwise they will stop being so wonderful and become ordinary. How can you appreciate happiness, if you have never suffered? Beloved and gentle husband of thirty years Holly is dying from an incurable disease. After the death of the closest person, Holly falls into despair, ceases to communicate with people and sits at home all day. Suddenly she receives a package of letters in the mail with instructions to print them one per month. As the reader understands further, her husband wrote all these letters to her before his death, so he could support her even when he will not be around. Now Holly has an interest in life. Every month she waits for the first day to open the envelope and strictly follows the instructions of her beloved, who gradually teaches her to live independently. So, without noticing, Holly begins to come out of depression.

This book has a deep meaning. It helps to survive though such emotions or feel something, which you couldn’t even imagine. The pain of death and despair, worrying about all those stupid fights that took place up to this point. And you get the realization that life is too short for them. After reading this book, you get only one desire – to come to a loved one and apologize for everything, to say that he/she is the best thing that happened in life and that you are immensely happy that you are here and now.

Mikhail Bulgakov «The Master and Margarita»

Love line - one of the main things in this legendary novel. The book shows us the love that will go through everything and interact with the dark forces. In addition, other important issues are revealed in this novel.

Voland (this is the name of Satan in this book) traveling around the world. His purpose is unknown and he stops in one place to another. In 1930, he arrives to Moscow, as it is the times in the history, when mostly no one knows or believes in Jesus Christ, God and Satan. There is one person in Moscow, a writer - «The Master», who wrote a book about the last days of Jesus's life (in the book - Yeshua, because this is how the name is pronounced in the Jewish language) and is currently in «the madhouse» (the reason - too much criticism from other writers and critics of his book). By the way, the novel is destroyed, burned by the author. Voland doesn’t travel alone. His team - Gella, Koroviev, Azazello and cat Behemoth. Voland and his entourage punish people for misdeeds, sinful inclinations such as drunkenness, rudeness, lies, bribery and so on. For example, Nikanor Bosoy took a bribe from Koroviev, as a result of which he was punished by the fact that he was detained for currency speculation, for the reason that the rubles of this bribe miraculously turned into dollars.

Margarita is the wife of «the engineer» and she is the mistress of the Master. She is looking for a Master, but doesn’t know that he is in a madhouse. Her desire to return the Master is so great that she is ready to make a deal with Voland, to whom she is introduced by Azazello. Voland demands that Margarita must attend his ball as Queen. All those who are invited to the ball are real villains.

The book tells us how far the woman will go to get her love back. This book is suitable for all fans of the genre of fantasy and romantic stories. After all, this novel shows that for the sake of true love a person can do anything, to overcome any obstacles in order to be together.

Francoise Sagan «Hello, Sadness»

In fact, all of Sagan's works is somehow devoted to love and it is difficult to single out one particular work. Therefore, it is possible to stop on her debut novel – «Hello, Sadness». A light and transparent story, in which you need to plunge completely, hides in itself the dark aspects of human passions.

The novel tells the story of the experiences of a young girl who just wants to enjoy all the pleasures of life (including sexual). Because she has lost her mother very early, she spends a long time in the monastery. Returning to her father, hedonist and lover of women, Cecile gladly immersed in Bohemian life without special rules and responsibility. But once Anna get into Cecile's life. Anna is the Cecile mother’s friend. She is smart, beautiful woman with the manners of a dictator...

«Hello, Sadness» is a light breeze, sweet longing and rest. These words can describe this work. You will meet million contradictions in this book. Youth, misunderstanding and at the same time acceptance of a situation, revolt, discontent and at the same time obedience. It is amazing how all this is harmoniously combined. First love, desire, passion, intrigue, entertainment, youth, jealousy - all of it are gathered together in one book. How a woman you know from the cradle can change your life, subjugate, turn everything upside down and evaporate, leaving behind only sadness in your heart? The book is suitable for young lovers, because it tells about the first love, freedom and possible life troubles. It will help you to look and live through other people's mistakes and try to avoid your own.

Jojo Moyes «Me Before You»

«Just live well. Just live. Love, Will».

The main character - Lou Clark seems that in her life she is sure of everything. Every day she passes the same number of steps from the house to the bus stop. Goes to her favorite work in a café. And in the evening returns to her unloved boyfriend Patrick, but not everything is eternal in this world. Suddenly, the heroine loses her job and in many problems suddenly appear in her life and to solve them the girl will need a lot of courage. The second central character called Will Traynor. He has lost the ability to walk and lost interest in life. He is ready to end the torments of his life, but suddenly Lou breaks into his gloomy world and the fate of the heroes’ changes forever.

Jojo Moyes's novel is a hard, but wonderful novel for any age. After reading this wonderful book, we guarantee that you will rethink your life and begin to appreciate the title of your relationship. The book says that even in the most terrible situation, there is a ray of hope and that life can give you a different meaning. It teaches us compassion and tenderness, the ability to enjoy every day and respect others choice. Moreover, you start understanding that we don’t always manage to change a person, change his worldview and sometime only thing we can do is just let go.

John Green «The Fault in Our Stars»

«But I believe in true love, understand? I don’t believe that everyone can keep their eyes or not get sick, or something like that, but everyone should have true love, and it should last at least as long as your life».

«The Fault in Our Stars» is one of the most exciting of Green’s stories. This book has taken a special place in the hearts of many readers. In addition, I can defiantly say that it is one of my favorite books.

This story is about the terminally ill girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster. She goes to a support group, but it doesn't give her much pleasure, until one day she meets Augustus, that changes her life. He is also mortally ill. After meeting Augustus, Hazel began to appreciate the life. They don't know what awaits them tomorrow, they have no future and they have to fight every day to live. They have ordinary desires and dreams: they want to travel, love, enjoy life, as long as they can afford it. Heroes find happiness in each other, try to enjoy every moment together and create their own small and beautiful world.

Some say that love lives 3 years and the rest is a habit or affection. However, after reading this book its starts difficult to believe in this statement. This novel shows, that love actually means! Self-sacrifice, trust, devotion — this is only a small part of the emotions experienced by the heroes of this book! We need to understand that we don't know exactly how much time we have left and therefore it is worth living here and now, appreciating every moment. We need to appreciate our life because we only have one. Take a day or two and read the novel. You will not regret it.

So many incredible books are devoted to love, so, it’s simply impossible to fit them into one collection. Stay tuned to the blog updates, soon we will continue to talk about the best world works dedicated to this wonderful feeling.

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