Last time we talked about ten books about love for all times. Continuing our collection, we offer you to plunge into the most romantic works that will fill your day with positive emotions and distract from domestic problems.

Elizabeth Gilbert «Eat, Pray, Love»

«To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life».

Elizabeth Gilbert is 32 years old. She has a beautiful home, a husband and a career as a writer. However, this is not enough to be happy. The heroine is unhappy in her marriage and often spends nights in tears on the bathroom floor. Finally, Elizabeth decides to start the divorce process, after which she feels completely devastated. In search of happiness and in hope to return interest in life, she goes on a journey around the world. During the year of her adventure, the heroine rediscovers herself and learns a lot and, finally, finds true love.

The book represents the author's impressions of a one-year trip to three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia. First of all, this book has plenty of interesting country details, many of the details I have adopted to myself to use it in travelling in the future.

The reader sees Italy through the eyes of a gastronomic traveler. The chapters about India are calm and harmonious. We don’t see India in all its charms; we see how main character Elizabeth searches for God the in this country. However, its immersion even in such a small part of the country allows you to get your idea of India: life is peaceful, the people are friendly in this country. The third country is Indonesia. Most of all, the author talks about Bali.

This book can help to realize themselves and the world around us. Survive the challenges and look at the world with new colors. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to create your own traveling plan. We gradually learn the story of Elizabeth's life, learn about her pain, about what forced her to break into this journey. The reader sees the path that the heroine takes - from a hunted life to a happy woman.

Jane Austen «Pride and Prejudice»

«A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment».

The novel takes place in England in the late 18th century. There are five daughters in the Bennet family, each of whom has not yet found a groom. However, everything changes dramatically, when a young man named Mr. Bingley moves into the next house. This gentleman has many respectable aristocratic friends and he is a very nice man, who quickly finds a common language with the Bennets. Young sisters often come to visit a neighbor and get acquainted with his company. The dark and arrogant Mr. Darcy stands out among others. Middle Bennet’s sister is a headstrong Elizabeth. She immediately enters into a confrontation with this gentleman. Their relationship can end both ways with love or hate.

Reading «Pride and Prejudice», you suddenly begin to realize that the novel is quite sluggish, with a lot of reasoning and reflection. However, it is the only way to fully understand the whole charm of the characters. And the most remarkable thing in this book is that Jane Austen diversified love affair with very subtle humor, lively and diverse characters, and didn’t forget to add irony to awkward situations.

The writer wanted to show that most of our lives we blindly trust our emotions and prejudices, but they don’t always tell us the right way. She described what a woman needs the mind and self-sufficiency for the conquest of men.

This book will allow you to raise your self-esteem, to understand and accept what you want and not to succumb to doubts and public opinion.

Stephanie Meyer «Twilight»

«You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever».

Seventeen-year-old girl Bella Swan moves to her father in a small town Forks. It seems that this town is unremarkable, it is quiet and calm, which is quite satisfied with the heroine. In one of the first days in the new school, Bella meets the mysterious family of the Cullens, who differ in some special beauty and mystery. She especially remembered Edward Cullen - this young man really reacts strangely to the girl, as if he is afraid of her. Bella decides he doesn’t like her, but then Edward saves her life twice. Between the characters, there is a love that quickly develops into a deep feeling. However, Bella doesn’t know that her lover is a vampire.

The story grabs from the first lines and keeps up to the end. After reading the first part, you want to move on to the next one and find out what it will end like. Throughout all books, you begin to think, «Could I do the same»? Although eternal life is very attractive, Bella also knows that she has to go through death of friends and relatives. The theme of the inability to have children feelings about this are also addressed in the books and makes you think about everything. The good news is the fact that the author talked about the previous lives of the characters, about their weaknesses and fears.

It’s an easy book for relaxation with a happy conclusion, which is settable for any age or gender.

Anna Gavalda «Je l’aimais»

«Perhaps it's because it's incredible to meet someone and say: with this person, I'm happy».

The novel by Anna Gavalda - «Je l'aimais» - a hauntingly sad and beautiful book about love, reveals the most acute and the most secret facets of this beautiful and mysterious feelings. The book combines external simplicity with internal depth, subtle psychology with impeccable accuracy of each word.

In this book, two stories are intertwined: the main character Chloe is left alone with two children, her husband Adrien left her for another woman. Adrien's father, Pierre, forcibly takes the heartbroken woman to a country house, so that she can rest and recover. Chloe is inconsolable. It seems to her that with her husband's departure her life ended. She doesn't know how deal with pain, how to live and raise children. Then Pierre decides to tell her his story: about how in his time, he didn’t leave his unloved wife for woman he truly loved. Now, until the end of his days, is doomed to be unhappy. So what is more important and correct: not to destroy the old relationship so you could save and be a part the family or to run for the happiness and break someone else heart? And who is happier at the end - the one who stayed or the one who left?

This story can’t leave anyone indifferent. Too scrupulous is the theme of betrayal and love that arose outside of marriage. Could you count this type of love an affair? If so, why? Love after all beautiful in almost all its manifestations. If not, how else to regard betrayal in relation to the partner? This story from both sides with the outpouring of the soul and understanding of all the bitterness of the situation. The book allows you to expand horizons, read about the forbidden fruit and assess all possible risks. Think about it and make a better decision. This book allows you to forgive, let go of the situation and continue to live on.

Fannie Flagg «Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe»

«It's funny, most people can be around someone and they gradually begin to love them and never know exactly when it happened».

The author of this wonderful book is Fannie Flagg, who glorifies the American hinterland and its inhabitants in every single one of his books.

Idgie was smart and good girl with keen sense of justice during the whole of her childhood. Yet she has lost it with the passage years. As an adult, she and her beloved friend opens the Whistle Stop cafe, in which the host are ready to shelter all: rich and poor, good and evil, white and black. Stories that happen in cafe with Idgie, her friends and visitors are often painfully realistic, and sometimes - quite incredible. Heroes get into difficult situations; they have to make difficult decisions, show courage and mercy, softness and rigidity of character. The Whistle Stop as if becomes a separate world with its own rules, laws and special, indescribable atmosphere. Life in the Whistle Stop measured, but there are always something going on. Everything revolves around the residents who are always ready to support each other and no one even thought about locking up the doors in the town for a long time, although the times were different.

Roman Fannie Flagg makes the experience a lot of situations to yourself, thus allowing you to let go of resentments, becoming bolder and more solid, but at the same time not to lose faith and naivety. There are many things going on - both sad and funny, but at the head of the cafe, Fannie Flagg puts kindness and humanity, because of which the book seems even better.

William Shakespeare «Romeo and Juliet»

Writers addressed the story of tragic love stories for many centuries in different words. Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet was no exception. This book is the most romantic book of all years, the most famous work of William Shakespeare. There are countless numbers of motives, which were filmed by this book and theater plays are staged in thousands of theaters all over the world for more than 200 years.

«Romeo and Juliet» is the classic story of star-crossed lovers. Shakespeare makes us see all the inexorable tragedy of the unfolding story with enough real heroes and fatal outcome. The tragic end of the story is simply inevitable.

The feud between the families of Montague and Capulet is based on something none of the families can even remember. Still it is everywhere and developed to such an extent that, when the young lovers try to put an end to this war, they come to the tragic conclusion that this is impossible. There is no solution... Only to commit suicide.

It is worth reading this book to plunge into the killing feeling of first love. However, I can note that many scientists have found that this book, although written about teenagers, is not suitable for reading in children under 18 years.

Charlotte Brontë «Jane Eyre»

From Charlotte Brontë should not expect knowledge of life, truthfulness and accuracy in the description of manners, details of life. The truth of this book in the other - in the true sense. These pages and these characters gave birth to a strong and passionate heart. Mind and imagination so violent and beautiful, that it brought to life demonically beautiful Rochester, which today secretly sigh young girls. And completely different, touching, beautiful in his love and perseverance Cinderella - Jane Eyre.

The events of the novel actually takes by the heart. Since the story in the book comes from the first person, in the process of reading there is a complete dissolution and implantation in the role of the main character. The novel shows the live of the girl from early childhood until adult women. She was the girl nobody loved in her childhood, except her dad, who unfortunately died, but her rich relative adopted her. Jane had to experience the feeling of hate, feeling devalued and unloved. At some point you feel her loneliness, try to resist adults with her, on whom her future depends.

This book is the best suited for exploring the classics and romance novels. Perfect for reading at a young age, because it helps to answer many questions of this period. Jane Eyre is a beautiful description of a smart and interesting woman who doesn't allow the status of a «Woman» to put pressure on herself.

Nicholas Sparks «The Notebook»

«Every great love starts with a great story...»

«The Notebook» by Nicholas Sparks as well as filmed love novel wins the hearts of readers with its sincerity, purity, reciprocity and reverence of the feelings of the characters. Moreover, their love story is quite ordinary, thousands of those happen around us daily. Said, the stronger the love, the more tragic the ending will be. Will be able the heroes to save their happiness?

The novel «The Notebook» is dedicated to two lovers, Allie and Noah, who were able to maintain their reverent attitude to each other despite all the hardships that stood in the way of their love. They are young and beautiful. She is a promising beauty from a wealthy, noble family, whose destiny from early age was to be the wife of a rich, high-ranking gentleman, suddenly falls in love with a simple men Noah. Their love is pure and naive, unselfish and mysterious. After all, feelings are disobedient, beyond the control of youth. Their love is like a hurricane, it suddenly picks up the heroes and takes them away in happy carefree days. However, what a pity, that parents interfere, they take the girl and leave to another city. Noah writes letters as often as he can, but there is no answer. Over the years, feelings are blunted and comes to the realization of hopelessness and then comes another life...

We will not reveal all the secrets and tell the ending, but we must say, that this is a very touching novel. It will allow to shed a tear, reading page by page to experience the true pure emotion of true love.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald «The Great Gatsby»

This book is about love, unlimited materialism and lack of morality and wealth in 20s of the last century. The chaos of the First World War is followed by the rapid development of the American economy.

The story is told from the first person or putting it in cinematic language - «voice-over». Nick Carraway, a young bachelor of about thirty, a representative of a wealthy clan of merchant’s Midwestern town, who decided to settle in the suburbs of New York. Nick quite thorough and attentive narrator, despite the abuse of alcohol. You will not hear hysterical reactions coming out from his mouth. Gatsby, he said, had «a rare gift of hope, a romantic fuse», which he has not seen anyone’s. The name Gatsby becomes almost a household name in its time, shrouded in gossip, mystery. Meanwhile, on the surface of his life we can see chic, luxury, women’s, parties and millions...

The book intrigues and captures to the very end. It allows you to understand what a person is capable of in the name of love. Cheerful and original story with intrigue and interesting syllable of the author.

George Sand «Consuelo: La Comtesse de Rudolstadt»

The action begins in Italy, in the middle of the 18th century. The daughter of a gypsy Consuelo is a poor girl with a divine voice, that will become her happiness and grief at the same time: young love to best friend Anzoleto, growing up, experienced a betrayal, a contract with the Berlin Theater and a fateful meeting with Count of Rudolstadt. What is destined in this life for young Consuelo? Her way might be light, but she is not looking for simple solutions.

Even if you read this book not the first time, the plot entices with its diversity, dynamics and singularity. The main characters are attractive each in its own way. Straightforward and open Consuelo, windy and conceited Anzoleto, mysterious and half-mad Albert and many others, who have faced on the pages of this novel. They are impossible to forget. This book allows you to look behind the scenes of gypsy life. Go through life with a lonely beautiful woman and feel like you are the part of it. The simplicity of the language makes this novel attractive not only for adults, but also for teenagers who dream to experience the full range of emotions with our heroine.

Our list can go on and on. The most interesting stories about love never will not end. If your favorite book is not included in our rating list, don't worry. Maybe you will find a new love among one of these creations.

In conclusion, we would like to add that love not only conquered the world, but also changed it beyond recognition. And books not only for expand our horizons, vocabulary and increase our intelligence, but also can become a magic wand for relationships. Find some topics for new conversations with your partner. Books help to look at everything with different eyes.

Enjoy the wonderful books of gorgeous authors.

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