It is very easy to express your love and feelings through music. Even, if you don't have musical talents and don't know how to sing, it is only necessary to include a well-known song and... confess your love. With music, you can get down on your knee and propose, just dance together or hold hands while sitting on the couch and watching the video clip or you can go on a romantic journey in the car! These songs are definitely suitable for a special occasion to tell your significant other about your love!

Music is one of the oldest forms of art. It is through the song that humanity has best learned how to show their feelings. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone. Every music listener has his own preferences. There are also those who reject romance. Today we will present you the Top 10 famous songs about love and tell you more about each.

1. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go on

2. Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

3. Scorpions - Still Loving You

4. Ed Sheeran - Perfect

5. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

6. Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

7. Elton John - Your Song

8. Queen - Love of My Life

9. Blue - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

10. Maroon 5 - Sugar

In this article, you can be acquainted with the history of each song individually. And also, you will be able to find that the song for a perfect first date!

1. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go on

The most beautiful, romantic song and perhaps the most recognizable out of the thousands songs of lyrical music. This song took strong place in hearts of thousands romantics throughout the world! It sounded and sounds at all romantic dates in the world! What kind of composition are we talking about? The title song to the soundtrack of the film "Titanic" has become one of the most popular in the history of music and the world champion of sales in 1998. The list of awards at "My Heart Will Go on" is impressive: the Oscar, Grammy and Golden globe. James Horner wrote the music for this song. The text was written by Will Jennings.

Interesting fact:

• According to eyewitnesses, Celine recorded the song in one take; moreover, this option (although it intended to be a demo version) was used in the film;

• It turned out that "My Heart Will Go on" was included in the film three weeks before the end of all work on the movie;

• The song became the number 1 song worldwide, having spent many weeks at the top of the charts.

• It was The Best Song for: 17 weeks on the European chart “100 hot singles”, 15 weeks in Switzerland, 13 weeks in France and Germany, 11 weeks in the Netherlands and Sweden, 10 weeks in the Belgian Walloon, Denmark, Italy and Norway, 7 weeks in Belgian Flanders, 6 weeks in Ireland, 4 weeks in Australia and Austria, 2 weeks in Spain and the UK, and 1 week in Finland.

This song is sung by all fans of the movie Titanic. It is also often used as the first dance of the newlyweds on the wedding day!

2. Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Stunningly sensual song from Roxette "It Must Have Been Love" has become a symbol of an incredible love story! If you play this song on your date and we promise you will not regret it! Romantic atmosphere, relaxing music... what can be better?!

Now a little about the history of the song:

This song was written by Gessle in 1987. That is only then it was not a super hit. The musicians forgot about the song for a while. Until they got a call from the producers of the movie "Pretty Woman" and asked, "Could the band write a song for the movie?" At other times, the Swedish Duo probably would have reacted to this proposal with enthusiasm. However, it was the end of the 1980s, when Roxette were at the peak of success and were touring. In addition, don't forget that no one expected much success of the film "Pretty Woman" at that time. As a result Gessle simply shrugged off the offer, saying that, he had no time to write new songs and the only thing he has to offer is an old ballad "It Must Have Been Love".

Interesting fact:

• As you know, "Pretty Woman” made a splash in the world of cinema and gave Roxette the third American hit number 1. “It Must Have Been Love" became the most successful song from the soundtrack.

• And in 2005, Per Gessle received the BMI award after the ballad was performed on American radio more than 4 million times. As Marie Fredricksson used to say, "Not bad for a song, that lay collecting dust". In addition, Gessle claimed that during the Siberian tour he even heard "balalaika-version" of this hit.

3. Scorpions - Still Loving You

This composition will perfectly help to tune in to a romantic mood. It will create the right atmosphere and make the evening unforgettable.

A bit of history about the creation of this song:

In 1984, "Still Loving You" was included on the album "Love at First Sting". It was released as a single that placed only 64th on the Billboard Hot 100. Later, the musicians re-recorded the composition three times: first with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra for the album Moment of Glory, then in the acoustic version (disk Acoustica) and finally in 2011 for the album "Comeback".

Interesting fact:

• The song was included in the official soundtrack of the film "Footloose".

• “Still Loving You” were particularly popular in France, where nearly two million copies of the single were sold. Moreover, in 1985, the birth rate has significantly raised up. We don't for sure, but many people believe, that the cause of it is due to the song "Still Loving You", with was played while many young people made love. They say that many parents gave the children the name of Sly, which is an abbreviation of the name of the song.

4. Ed Sheeran - Perfect

Perfectly romantic song of these days! It can become a song for the first dance of a young, romantic date somewhere on the green grass in the Park or in the center of a bustling metropolis. Put that song in your headphones and dance for you two! The song has not yet acquired a great history, as it is very young and modern, but we'll tell you a little about what it is.

The song "Perfect" tells about the first love of the musician, and it is not a conditionally collective image, but a very specific character. Sheeran honestly said, that the song is the story of his relationship with a girl named Cherry Seaborn. Mutual feelings arose, when Ed and Cherry were in high school and lasted long enough. If you watch the video for this song, you will realize that everything was absolutely wonderful and romantic. Since the song is just about relationships, love and romance it can be called perfect for a first date, isn't it?

Interesting fact:

• The shooting took place in an ideal romantic place – on the Hintertux glacier, where the Austrian ski resort is located at an altitude of three thousand meters. A solitary hut, covered with fluffy snow, a broken guitar, a yellow dim light of the old lantern, dancing in the dark – Director Justin Koenig has built a complete set of elements in order to see to the emotions and even tears on faces anyone by the end of the clip.

We are sure that this young, but such a favorite song for many, will be one of the best romantic songs for the manifestation of love to their second halves!

5. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

This incredibly sensual song you can include as the wedding dance of the newlyweds or slow dance at the party. All lovers of romance will appreciate this alluring, bright and interesting composition.

A little bit about song:

This song became very popular after the film “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role, to which it came up perfectly. A song about love, a song about hope for the best.

Interesting fact:

• The song "Young and Beautiful" was written specifically for "The Great Gatsby", and the soundtrack was truly fascinating. Musical critics were really delighted with the use of jazz instruments in it.

• The fact that the song fully reveals the era, in which the film takes place is not accidental - Baz Luhrmann, the Director of the film, was involved in the creation of the song "Young and Beautiful". In addition, initially it was a completely different song. However, Lana Del Rey re-wrote it, when she saw those scenes where this great song was supposed to sound.

• Song was recorded in early December 2013. It was a great success after the release of the film and on the iTunes chart. It kept a week in 1st place.

6. Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

In the performance of this singer, any song can become a lyrical composition of the evening. Gentle melody, beautiful voice of the singer, all this will only make your evening for two better and more special! It will definitely make your date unforgettable!

A little history of this composition:

On October 20 1985, the song topped the US "Billboard Hot 100" chart for 1 week. The song was first recorded by American singers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. on the album "Marilyn & Billy" (1978). Years later, one of the songwriters, composer Michael Masser heard Whitney Houston perform his other song "The Greatest Love of All" at the concert and offered to produce several songs for the debut album of the singer.

"Saving All My Love For You" was the first of 7 consecutive Whitney singles to top the American chart, which received "Diamond" status (30 million copies worldwide).

Interesting fact:

• According to the Guinness Book of Records, Houston is the artist with the largest number of awards. The total amount of her records sold is 170 million copies. She is the fourth singer in the list of the most commercially successful artists in the US, and Rolling Stone magazine included Houston in the list of the 100 greatest artists of under 34th number.

So feel free to put in your playlist all the songs of Whitney Houston for your best dates!

7. Elton John - Your Song

For lovers of classical music and brutal male voice should stop the choice on the following composition.

A little history about the creation of this song:

One of the first joint creations was the stunning ballad "Your Song", which remains a hit for several decades.

History of the song began in 1967 in the house of the parents of Elton, who became the creative workshop of John and Taupin. Bernie wrote the text during breakfast, sitting at the kitchen table. There are still left a draft version of the song on the sheet of paper, which even has stains from coffee on it. Having words, Elton composed the music for the son in about 20 minutes.

According to the authors, the composition is not dedicated to any particular person and simply expresses the feelings of a young man in love. Elton John continues to perform the song, speaking to the public, and often sings it with other famous musicians.

Interesting fact:

• Song sounds in many movies. One of the most spectacular cover versions is presented in the movie "Moulin Rouge!" Baz Luhrmann.

• "Your Song" inspired the author to write "We All Fall in Love Sometimes”.

• Many pop stars, including Rod Stewart and Ellie Golding, recorded covers.

• "Your Song" enters the Grammy hall of fame and is rated the 500 greatest songs of all time by "Rolling Stone" magazine.

8. Queen - Love of My Life

We just could not pass by the legendary band Queen and all your favorite songs! Here you will definitely find hundreds of variants of lyrical tracks for your date! This is truly the best hit with their famous album "A Night at the Opera", released in 1975. For those, who want to win the heart of their second half it’s the best option on the date. If you know how to sing and play the piano, you just have to play this song to your partner and she will not remain indifferent! The more you say about this romantic gift is the dream of every. However, don't worry, if you can't play the instrument, just light the candles turn this song to the maximum volume and invite your soul mate to dance! Success is guaranteed!

The history of this masterpiece is as follows:

The author of the composition is Freddie Mercury. In the album version, the main musical instrument is the piano, on which Mercury performs the entire song. Speaking about other instruments in the song there are harp, guitar and bass, and each of them plays only in a separate part of the song and only to the accompaniment of the piano. In 1979, the second version of the song was released from a live performance on the album "Love Killers". This version became even more famous than the original. In this version instead of a grand piano, the acoustic twelve-string guitar is used. Also, there are no more harp sounds in the song. Queen usually played this song only in a pair with Bryan May.

Interesting fact:

• Freddie Mercury dedicated the song to Mary Austin, with whom he had long relationship and whom he considered the love of his life until the end of his life.

• Queen’s "Love of My Life" was performed by Scorpions in 2001 at their concert "Acoustica", although they were not the only ones who performed the song.

• The video "Love of My Life" was made from a cut of concert performances in Frankfurt and Tokyo, and only Bryan May and Freddie Mercury are the ones who visible in the picture.

I hope we were able to convince you that after this song your date will definitely enter the top of the best!

9. Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

The song of many generations and which for many years will remain a favorite composition of romantics and just good music lovers!

Also a little history of the song:

In an interview given by Bernie Topin, he has repeatedly pointed out that "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" was born thanks to the melody, which was accidentally composed by Elton John. After hearing the melody a line, which later became the name and key phrase of the song, flashed in Bernie’s head. In 1976, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" was released as a single from the album "Blue Moves". In the US charts, it rose to 6th place, and in the UK was the 11th. The song was later included in several official compilations of Elton John's best songs.

Interesting fact:

• In 2002, he recorded "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" with the Blue boys-band. The new version of the song won the audience and lead the British charts.

• Perhaps, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" has become of last song that Ray Charles managed to record. In the spring of 2004, he performed it as a duet with Elton John for his album "Genius Loves Company", and on June 10 the great musician died.

10. Maroon 5 - Sugar

And we could not pass by a modern composition from the popular band Maroon 5. This song became the mascot of all wedding celebrations of our time. The song is very young, but has already won the hearts of lovers. Its many happened, because the band recorded a video of this song at wedding ceremonies of different couples.

Details below:

The guys from Maroon 5 came up with extravagant script for the clip "Sugar". Musicians without warning attended real weddings and suddenly appeared in the middle of the wedding party to sing the song "Sugar". The idea was to "catch" the real emotions of confusion, passing into delight. The group's leader Adam Levine asserts, that no wedding parties were staged. Of course, some preparatory work was done, but neither the newlyweds, not the guests, didn't suspect that musicians would suddenly sing at the wedding, arranging a wedding stir. To emphasize the reality of what is happening, at the beginning of the video the leader of Maroon 5 band, in the style of life-news warns, "Today is December 6, 2014. We were going to travel around Los Angeles and break into as many weddings as possible".

Interesting fact:

• The unusual concept of the video and the live emotions of the participants drew attention to the video. The video was published on YouTube on January 14 and just on the 1 day it was viewed by almost 3 million people. The work turned out to be extremely positive, which was a pleasant surprise, because Maroon 5 often shoots "hooligan" videos.

• The song reached number 2 on the USA (in the "Hot 100" magazine "Billboard") and 7 places in the UK (National Single Chart).

Using this song, you can also organize a flash mob at a wedding ceremony with your friends! Turning on the projector the video clip of this song! Sure, guests and newlyweds will appreciate your gift and originality!

We hope that this list will be useful to you or your friend to organize the best date! Moreover, if all of a sudden you are planning a romantic weekend and you want the perfect playlist to make the mood more romantic, just download these songs! These love songs can really add the perfect atmosphere to your night of love. Therefore, we put together these Top 10 greatest love songs from classic retro to modern melodies. Moreover, there is a reason why we made "Sugar" the last in our list. We just want that you mood would be sweet and happy in everyday bases!


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