I have been working with professionals in Cupid Trust matchmaking agency for several years, one of the most pleasant areas of my job is to be a witness of happiness and all development of relationship of couples created with our help. During my practice, I have seen many proposals, from the most banal to the most original. Moreover, not always, the most expensive were the best; it all depended on the situation and emotional aspect. My experience as a matchmaker gave me a wheelbarrow to create this article and allowed me to make my own list of original proposals that will help you in the future.

Every girl dreams of a prince on a white horse and an unforgettable marriage proposal. Here I have collected the best of the best proposals (some of them I saw with my own eyes), the most interesting and romantic moments that occurred in real stories between people from our agency!

1. Perhaps, I will start with the classics, because the traditional methods of declaration of love and marriage proposals are always in fashion. They are like good old movies, never get boring or become banal.

For example, our hero Tom (not his real name, for privacy reasons all names were changed). From the category of classical proposals, he did so: It all happened, as it I was a beautiful romantic film: dinner in a cozy and expensive restaurant. Tom hired an orchestra with live music that only played for them. Then they were taken out their order I silver plates with beautiful old-fashion lid on it and the waiter lifted it up, and... she saw a diamond ring in a velvet box. Tom's lover began to cry with happiness, and at the same time he knelt down and said the important words “Will you marry me?” A music played The Wedding March, the waiters brought a bouquet of flowers, and she said “Yes!” All this helped to make the Tom’s fiancée the main character of this movie, which she have always dreamed of!

However, I have made a small list of which way you romantic scenario can go! I present your attention few classic options, how to make a marriage proposal and play a beautiful unexpected scenarios.

• The most proven method to ask for the heart and hand of a woman is to ask the permission on marriage from her parents. You can do it at a family event or just come to their house on a day off, just for a cup of tea, but with a surprise! Such a method is very respectful and shows you as real man. However, we recommend it only if your future fiancée has a good relationship with parents and relatives.

• Do it in your favorite park, where you often walk together or maybe where you have met! Stand on one knee and give a large box where the ring to the girl. Package of the ring can be very different, for an example hide the ring in a box with tropical butterflies. It is better to do such proposal in the summer or in the warm season so the butterflies would not die. And just emergent how amazed the girl would be when butterflies scatter, and she sees a diamond ring at the bottom of the box. Stunning effect is guaranteed!

• This method is suitable for those who already live together. Make a surprise at the end of the day. You need to decorate your room with a huge number of balloons and flowers. In the middle put a large bear, and put the ring in bear’s hands or legs. Another interpretation is to meet you woman from work with ring in your hands and a bouquet of flowers. Just don’t forget the candles and rose petals, as the path from door to ring.

2. The next my most favorite proposals are those to which you should prepare in advance.

I will begin with the story of my client Lucas, who wanted to do everything original and unusual! He and his fiancée had a favorite place on the roof, where they loved to watch the city lights. He organized dinner on the roof. Where a special company (event organizers) came in advance and decorated everything with candles (there were many candles, from the smallest to the largest) with a luxuriously covered table for two (white tablecloth, champagne, fruit), there was a violinist, beautiful lights and many white flowers. It all seems too trivial, but it was Lucas’s girlfriend most pressures wish. Of course, you can organize it all yourself, but our agency has been able to do it perfectly, brightly and truly professionally. And at a time, when Lucas proposed and gave a ring the 100 red balloons were released in the sky! Of course, she said “Yes!” and that is another beautiful story! Imagine how much happiness his girl had, when her dream came true!

I have prepared for you a few more options of original proposals! Unusual offers to which you should prepare in advance and solve all the issues related to the moment of the offer:

• Rent a Billboard. This is no less spectacular, but a little costly proposal. You need a large billboard, past that your partner passes every day (or both of you use this route to work), stick your or her photo with the proposal. You can also rent a few banners, where the first two or three billboards will have words of love on it and the last bill board will contain the proposal and the photo.

• If you already live together and you have a dog or cat, then this offer may suit you! A sign that says, “Will you marry us?” on the neck of a pet. This is an incredibly charming and cute way to make a marriage proposal. These are not just beautiful words, but a real invitation to enter into your life forever.

• For coffee lovers we offer the warmest offer of heart and hand. Coffee with a confession, which you will give her in favorite coffee shop. With the help of a special form, you can make a beautiful inscription on the foam of chocolate coffee "Marry me!" Your usual morning will begin with a beautiful and warm recognition. It can be done in your favorite coffee shop or, for example, bring coffee to bed.

3. The following proposals I decided to join into the category of “Surprise by your window.” Many proposals are connected with the tradition of coming to the home of a fiancée and shout for her to look out one and surprise her with an unusual and romantic proposal.

One of my first clients called Max rented a white horse, found armors in the theater and dressed up as a real knight. At the appointed time, he drove up on it to the window of his girlfriend. He asked a friend of his future wife to come to her house at certain time and make sure his girlfriend looked out at the window. There she saw him on a white horse with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and armors. She went straight down to him. There romantic live music, photo and video shooting, a path of rose petals, surrounded her way to her man. At the right moment, he got off his horse, got down on one knee and she said “Yes”. He put her on a horse, and they sped off to celebrate their engagement. Don’t forget to save this moment for your children and grandchildren and take photos and videos! You will always be pleased to reconsider such a touching moment!

Based on this proposal, I also picked up a list of similar, but no less original once.

• The inscription “Marry me!” on the pavement under the window. This can be done with paint or chalk, write the main words or create a beautiful picture from the heart. You can make a girl come to the window in different ways: write in a note or SMS, call, shout her name into the speaker or order an orchestra. There are no bounds for your imagination, we now it for fact. Remember only one thing, the proposal must be sincere and from the heart.

• This idea is definitely suitable for fans of extreme sports. You will need to hire a crane tower (and don’t forget the insurance). Prepare in advance: bright, huge balloons, live music or your favorite and iconic song. And here you are, in the cradle of the crane, flogged in the air, just like on the wings of love! Such a surprise can be arranged at home, at work, or during some celebration, if you want to share the joy with your closest friends.

4. In the next section, I will introduce you with spectacular proposals, which must be done in advance and must be agreed with the administration of the premises in which you will make a proposal of marriage.

This story is one of my favorite in proposal word mostly, because I’m a huge football fan. However, I do not want to spoil everything. So, Sam made a marriage proposal on the football field. All the preparation was done before the game. He agreed with the administration that at a certain time he would go out on the field and ask the most important question. But before that, their favorite football team gave him a mascot costume. His girlfriend didn’t suspect anything and thought he just went to get some drinks when the team mascot started to dance. Performing a humorous motion talisman started to call the girls (of course, they knew everything) and his future fiancée. The main purpose of the contest was to blindfold his girlfriend. Once this was done all the other ladies went to their seats leaving the Sam’s partner alone. The man took off the mask of a life-size doll from his head, stood on one knee and gave a signal to the players to untie her eyes. Of course, she said “Yes!” The hall applauded and they were shown on the big screen to the whole stadium.

In this section, I have prepared some more options for you. If you want, the whole world shared this happy moment with you.

• For movie lovers, it is worth to propose at the cinema. It must be done at the premiere of a good movie. It is necessary so the whole theatre would be full. Before the film starts, instead of the usual advertising trailers on the big screen will be showed a video of your proposal with poems or declarations of love, you shot in advance a mini-trailer. We advise you to use professional help in creating the video, to make sure that professionals make it spectacular, interesting, storyline. Arrange with the administrator to show this video before the film. And be sure to hire photographers and videographers! And at the end of the video go to the hall with a bouquet of flowers and a ring!

• The following method is definitely suitable for traveling lovers or for businesswomen, who often go on business trips. To propose in the plane to do it you must arrange everything in advance with the crew and the pilot. There are 2 ways to propose in a plane they are: either pilot or flight attendants say about your feelings over the loudspeaker. Then the flight attendants will bring flowers, champagne. For your convenience, buy tickets in advance in business class, there you will have more space to stand on one knee. And relax in each other arms afterwards!

• If your girl always wanted to get a gift - 1 000 000 roses. Than it is good reason to make her dream come true in such an important day for you! The gift is not as expensive as it seems at first look. It is better to arrange it with wedding agency (by the way, Cupid Trust can make this performance for you) and decorate with fresh flowers any room from a hotel to a small cozy café. It can also be your home or office, where your girlfriend works! To invite her you could organize a small quest or ask for her friends help. Walking along the alley along the sweet-smelling white flowers and then at the end she will see the table with red roses, a note and a ring. We assure you this proposal she will never forget!

• In hot summer days, it is silly to sit and suffer indoors. Therefore, if you decided to make such a major step a better place for proposal is a park. It should be like this. You met in the park, just walk around, and then, at the fountain, completely strangers begin to dance one by one, as a result, the whole crowd simultaneously dances, you join them and at the end whole crowd screams "Marry him!” Don’t forget to stand on one knee, about the flowers and the ring of course!

• We continue the theme of travel. There is a good idea to make a proposal at the airport. Let us call this proposal "Meeting at the airport". Wonderful flash mob is would be remembered forever. You and your friends meet your beloved one with "Marry me” posters. Don’t forget about flowers, champagne and a beautiful dinner together! And be sure to photo and video, what could be more pleasant, to review this touching and unforgettable moment!

• In a Chinese restaurant with desire cookies. Here it is necessary to discuss with restaurant administration what note will your beloved receive. And at what point should they bring this note!

5. If you and your partner are the funs of extreme sports and adventure, these proposals will be relevant to you.

First, I will tell you a story that happened to our clients. However, remember, this is only suitable for diving enthusiasts.

We had a professional diver Andrew and Lisa. They met at our agency fell in love and one day he decided to take their relationship to the next level. Because of their hobby, he decided to propose under the water, in the depths of the sea. Scuba diving opens up a fantastic horizons, new worlds, gives an unforgettable experience. He had prepared everything in advance: ring and flowers (yes, there were flowers under water!), a photographer, and they a celebratory supper waited for them as soon as they got up after the dive on the boat. This proposal is guaranteed to remain in the memory of anyone who dares to repeat it!

However, if you are far from diving, but love the extreme, then you will love these proposal ideas:

• Perhaps, a classic among the extreme offers is flying on a balloon (here the main thing to know whether your girl is afraid of heights or not, otherwise the surprise can be spoiled). It is extreme, romantic, and it is an incredible experience. One of the best ways to ask your girl to become your wife. You can either do it in your hometown or fly to Cappadocia, if you both like travelling. Among the huge number of balls, you will be on your own in the form of a heart, where you ask for her hand.

• If you both wear tattoos and it is easy to get a new one spontaneously, then this idea is right for you. Tattoo for two (can be in the form of rings with names on your fingers). If your girl loves these ornaments, you can make her a surprise: order an unusual tattoo for two. After a declaration of love and a proposal both of you will make a tattoo, which defiantly will stay with you for rest of your life! Isn’t it a best way to show how serious your intentions?

• There is no girl who will say “No” to this proposal. This is a swimming with dolphins. This offer includes all the romance of the water and the cuteness of the dolphins. Cute and kind dolphin will bring to your beloved one a gift-a box with a beautiful wedding ring or a capsule with the main words. You will only have to say these main few words of love out loud!

6. If you do not fit any of the above options, the following exactly you should like its simplicity, but made it originally.

• If your girl drives a car, and you have the opportunity to take the keys they in the evening you can come and fill the trunk of her car with roses. Make her such a surprise, and at the right time, kneel down and say important words!

• This is a very original proposal, by which you will know exactly what she dreams about! Let her organize the occasion herself! During the time of preparation your fiancée should think that she helping to organizing a declaration of love for someone else (for example, her best friend). Only in the end, she will understand that she is the main hero of the party!

• Make an offer on Christmas Eve. It is a moment that will always be kind, warm and fabulous. Christmas is the day, when the closest people are near and will be able to share with you a wonderful moment of the birth of a new family!

• Order a cake or a cap-cake with a delicious sentence-inscription. This can be done in the office where your girlfriend works or at home for dinner. You hear a doorbell ring and the courier brings a box with the proposal.

• Pack the ring in a kinder surprise egg. And give to your fiancée. Inside you should leave not only the ring, but also a note with key words “Marry me!”

• Go down on one knee just like that, in the middle of a street, and get the flowers from under the bench (you must think of the route in advance).

• On New Year’s Eve, hang a box with a ring on the Christmas tree and tell your girlfriend that you have prepared a small gift that she will find on the Christmas tree. Her emotions will be amazing!

Perhaps, the most important thing in proposing is not originality, but to make it clear to you soulmate that you want to be with her forever. She is special! And it does not matter whether the proposal is original or ordinary, the main thing is to be sure of your feelings and then everything will turn out as in the novel of the best book or movie! On a personal example I can say that those who did everything sincerely and with love, the event ended with the words “Yes, of course, I will marry you!”

And do not forget to leave your membership enquiries in our agency. We wish you good luck, love and harmony in the relationship!

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