We all know that building relationships is a time-consuming process. It's necessary to not only devote time to your loved one, but also not forget about yourself. Combine home duties with love can be very difficult, but it is very important. The following relationship advices for women and men will make the life easier for a couple and make it even better.

Be yourself from the beginning

To show good first impression most people try to show their good side. Polite, kind, modest, without bad habits – this is the description of the ideal stranger. This happens due to the initial desire of person to please a potential partner. This is normal, but not the correct. It turns out that your partner acquaintances not with you, but with a fictional hero. The presentation of the real personality will be ahead.

Well, if the acquaintance with the real you will go smoothly, yet we all embellish ourselves a little at the beginning. It will be much worse if the new image will disappoint your partner. What was hidden earlier may not be acceptable to the partner, and he just runs away.

In any case, it is better to show everything as it is. This will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises and quarrels in the future. On the other hand, you should keep the act to the end. If you said that you rarely drink - drink alcohol only on holidays.

Be a partner, not a parent

This is one of the most important couple advises you should remember. Caring is good, but only in the right moment and until the certain point. However, when caring is changing to custody and control, it is start begin problem. You are over 18, you have moved out from your parents and free to live as you wish. Suddenly new person appears and starts controlling you. It turns out, you just removed one shackles and put on others. It is one thing to bring tea during illness, to collect lunch at work, to ask about the state of health. Another matter, to bother with questions such as “Where have you been all evening, why didn’t you call me every 5 minutes or “Don’t forget to where worm hat and put on tight before you leave it's too cold”.

Remember! You are not his parent, you are his lover, and these are very different things. A parent brings up his child, builds a personality out of him. You start relationship with already the created person with his/her own the opinion and education. Next to you, your partner should feel comfortable, not afraid to tell everything to you.

Being caring is good. Pay attention, help your beloved, but don't try to control him in everything. Otherwise, the lover can pack up and leave, as once from the parent nest.

Do not treat each other like a lifeboat

Respect the other person, but don't forget about yourself. You are as unique as your partner is. If something goes wrong in a relationship, try to solve the problem. If not managed – end the relationship. Remember that your partner is not the only one in the universe, and you can still find your happiness.

Of course, everyone wants to build a strong and unbreakable relationship, but in the pursuit of happiness often forgets about himself. Beats, insults, changes, but together. However, who is happy in such relationship? So the best advice we can give you is - if you feel unhappy most of the time, leave this relationship. Everything else is only co-existence.

Do not be afraid to be better

If you develop - it is good. Don't think that it can somehow offend your lover. A normal person such a situation will be like a stimulus to work better. Looking at you, he will decide to improve together so you two match each other.

Some men succumb to the games to make the girl feel more comfortable. Although, it's quite natural that due to lots of practice, he does it better. Women, however, may reject the promotion for the partner, fearing that their man considers himself worthless. At the same time, the women forget that promotion can be not only in her company. It is possible, that his finest hour will come soon too.

If you want to make your love, work do not be afraid to be better and sincerely rejoice for other people's victories. After all, what difference does it make who plays better, and who has a higher salary, when you are halves of one whole. Family, is the best you achievement both of you have together.


This love tip is very strange and, yes, lying is not good, but sometimes it is just necessary. In some cases, lying can help to avoid arguments. Imagine your woman asking if she is gained some wraith. You see that this is true, but the difference is small and you are satisfied. Tell her the truth or lie? As a rule, this is a provocative question and cutting the wrong wire, you can hear the explosion. Therefore, in such cases it is better to slander, but to stay alive.

For women it is also not always necessary to speak only the truth. If your colleague is hitting on you, but you can solve this issue on your own, it is better not to inform anyone about it. After all, jealousy has not been best thing in any relationship, and perhaps, your partner may feel uncomfortable and worried from what he heard. He might think you have caused such attention.

Despite some of the positive aspects of lie, please don't lie too much. The truth always comes out. When the lies are revealed, it will be worse. Therefore, try not to deceive your soul mate.

Do not look for a reason to be jealous

Of course, there is not best advice for love, but believe us, if we say that jealousy kills relationships. A jealous person is always in search of evidence, and as you know, if you are looking for something, you will find it. In this case, even a harmless like, seem strong evidence and a good reason for argument.

Anyone can get irritated if he/she has always been accused of cheating. After all, so what kind of trust can we talk about? Life in constant suspicion - at all not a life. Think again, if you are honest, why can't your soul mate be honest?

Do not be afraid to speak out

Sometimes, one of you did not do something, or did something, but not so. You are angry, silent and accumulate your anger inside. When the cup of patience overflows, and you blow off, your boyfriend does not understand what is wrong. It is possible he did not do anything wrong, it was just the last little drop. In order, not to start a big scandal, tell what does not suit you strait away. It is possible that it is not difficult to remove socks in the closet, and not to leave them in the corner. He just did not know you were so annoyed. On the other hand, she did not expect that the weekly visit of your mother could strain. One way or another, even if it is not so simple, you should always talk about it. Conversation in light form will help to understand each other and to find compromises.

Let each other to rest

Spending time with your loved one is always nice, but do not over do it. We will open the secret of relationship - everyone needs rest. A busy life together will lead to nervousness and cause fights. The best way to get some time alone is to find a hobby that will be nice to do. Also separate nights out with friends. After the time spent in separation, it will be even more pleasant to see you partner.

Nobody knows exactly what relationship should be like, but whatever problems arise in the way of your couple, try to overcome them easily and with a smile. Do not forget that we are all people and everyone is in a bad mood. Do not hold a grudge, forgive small mistakes, do not be offended and, of course, love each other.

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