Christmas is one of the brightest and loved holidays around the world. You don't have to be a believer to get into the spirit of this holiday. Since the end of November, all shop windows, streets and houses are decorated with lights toys and, of course, Christmas trees. These activities are creating the mood for Christmas, making us count days and hour until it comes.

More than 2000 years Christians celebrate Christmas. People in every house prepare 13 dishes for the holiday table; bake Christmas cakes, puddings and put treats into stockings. At Christmas, the doors of the almost every house is left open, so that any guests, whether they are invited or unexpected, can come and visit, sit at the same table, sing Christmas songs and present some gifts.

Although many believe that the tradition of giving gifts for Christmas came from the Bible, its real roots have appeared long before. Since the days of Ancient Egypt and Persia in 46 BC, January 1 was the first celebrated holiday, which represented the so-called beginning of the cycle andnamed after the two-faced God Janus. First, people exchanged coins or Laurel wreaths or twigs. These things were consideredas symbols of happiness. Later, gifts became much more magnificent, more solidly and more personal, and this tradition took a place in hearts of many people.

Nowadays, according to etiquette, it is worth giving Christmas presents with soul and love. Each person has their own strategy of choosing gifts. Someone throughout the year trying to find out the preferences of his family and friends, and then orders gifts in advance to the taste of a loved one. Others buy nice little things at the last minute. If you can't give something valuable, it is fine to present a small card and kind words.

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