There is no reason to explain what is cuddling. But can you say that cuddles are an essential part of your life? Do you like your couple cuddle, hold hands? Research shows that cuddles and touches are very important to your health. Do you know that this is not just a nice way to show your feelings, but a very important mechanism of our body?

So what happens to us when we cuddle and why is it so important? Below we listed seven health benefits of cuddling.

Throughout our time of existence, people have explored love, creating beautiful things: painting, poetry, music. However, with the advent of science and technology, we pay more attention to the chemical and psychological aspects of love – hormones.

First, I will tell you about the hormone of happiness – oxytocin.

The main home for love and affection is the hypothalamus. It produces a hormone called oxytocin. Part of the oxytocin gets into the bloodstream, but most remains in the brain and acts on the dopamine reward system.

Dopamine is another chemical that plays a key role in how we perceive pleasure. Problems with the remuneration system can lead to serious depression and other mental illnesses.

With confidence, scientists say that cuddles affect the level of oxytocin. Many believe that people who get many cuddles and other manifestations of warm relationships at home tend to show the highest levels of oxytocin in the laboratory. The same is true for mothers and babies: they both show higher levels of oxytocin when they touch each other.

Here are just a small part of what happens to our body when we cuddle:

1. A good cuddle means good blood pressure

Hormones that are released in the body after a hug help to improve health. When two people cuddling, the sensation on the skin activates blood pressure receptors called Β«Pacini bodiesΒ», which then send signals to the vagus nerve – the area of the brain that is responsible for lowering blood pressure.

2. Hugs help us fight fears

Recent research in the area of fear has proved that hugging and touching can help people to fight thanatophobia (fear of death). You do not need a human cuddle to come down; even hugs with a Teddy bear will help to fight fear.

3. Hugs are a natural antidepressant

When we cuddle, the amount of cortisol - stress hormone significantly drops down. Hugs also help our body relieve tension and send soothing messages to the brain.

4. Hugs relax muscles

Have you ever noticed how you relax when you are hugged? So this is due to the increase in blood circulation in the soft tissues so cuddling soothe the pain. In addition, they soothe the heartbeats on average

5. Hugs improve relationships

Many scientists believe that to solve small troubles it is not always required to have dip long conversation but just cuddle. Remember the situation, all day everything falls apart and you can't even understand why? You have a bad mood, and then your partner comes home and asks usually harmless question:"what have happened?” And you, not knowing how to answer it, irritated and begin to argue. Word for word, and here you are in the entire quarrel. This can be avoided, simply by hugging. Hugs give a sense of peace to one, and a sense of security to another. Moreover, you do not say those words about which you may regret in the future.

6. When someone cuddles you, he makes your immune system stronger

A very interesting fact is that hugs strengthen the immune system, Ashley Montague, a famous scientist who wrote the book "Touch: the meaning of skin for man" led the theory that the human brain activates a zone to increase immunity at every touch someone touches you. This helps us to resist many diseases. So cuddle and get better health.

7. Hugs will help you determine whether a person is right for you

Virginia Stewart - family therapist published an article in which she said that parents should often hug their children, it is necessary not only the baby, but also the adult. According to many studies, a child who does not experience tactile contact from parents through the first 7 years of his/her life, loses the ability to love and has a great chance to become a sociopath (these are people who can't adapt to society, they are not adapted to life and can perform antisocial actions).

From this, it follows that if you are in love with someone who does not like to hug and generally, against touch, there is reason to think. Maybe he/she is not the right choice for you.

Effects of cuddling are not totally know, but these one are proven and real. Cuddling can represent love of friendship, hope and compassion. Look at these facts and cuddle for your health. After all, according to scientists it bring you only benefit and joy, and for one thing will help you to get closer to the one you love so much.

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