Do you remember your gatherings with your girlfriends? Conversations, topics for discussion, problems of the past week! How you argue and help each other with a dissent advice! Of course, the most favorite theme of every woman - the family. Quarrels or just everyday troubles, and now you are crying on your best friend shoulder and don’t know what to do next. You start to compare yourself with you grandmothers and think - “How did their relationships work so well?” Nobody got divorced and everyone lived as they say “soul to soul”. Sitting on one of these gatherings, I suddenly thought, "What is the secret of a happy family life" and "How to be wise in a relationship?”

Happy relationship is a world where love, harmony and mutual understanding reign! A woman plays a key role here, because she protects the home, inspires a man, and brings harmony to the relationship. Her wisdom determines how the relationship will develop in the couple. Men can’t stand being manipulated. Female power lies in love, patience and understanding.

We hope that these article advices will help all readers to add harmony to relationships. Enjoy the reading and remember that relationship is hard work. Work on yourself should be every day, but not only from your side, and also from your partner.

1. Common traditions.

When you with your family come up with something of their traditions, it’s not only pleasant way to spend time, but also the way to make you closer. Family traditions can be an elementary occupation that you like and that you will perform every time. It’s something personal and important for everyone in your family, something that will unite you with loved ones. For example, Saturday breakfast in a cafe once a week. Sunday pancakes at home or a family trip every three months. No matter where you fly abroad or spend in the country. Chinese take away once a week or blowing out candles on the birthday cake with the whole family! Even a family trip to the cinema on weekends can be considered as a tradition. Hiking in the summer, or a winter picnic with tea and sandwiches in the fresh air, joint walks with the dog. There are many options. Just choose your own, which is closer to you and your preferences! The most important thing is that every member of the family (including children) must enjoy spending time together, not counting it as a duty. The time you will spend with your loved ones is the way to mutual support and mutual understanding, joint solution of family problems.

2. Love your partner, no matter how banal it sounds!

“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears”- said Woodrow Wyatt; but it is not sincerely true. We all need a manifestation of the feelings in words! The state of a woman, her inner world, attitude to her man is the way to success or failure. The main task of every woman on the way to maintaining a happy family relationship is to learn to love her man. Wife is valuable for her inner state, the husband of his actions. So do not be afraid to show your feelings and talk about love! Pick up the phone, call your partner and tell him how much you love him. Sometimes when the working day is very tense and your partner feels so under the presser, your call might become the light on the darkest night for your loved one. Do not be afraid to say the words of love repeatedly. Moreover, the speech must be supported by a case. Romantic notes, inexpensive, but attentive gifts, unexpected SMS or sensual letters by email - all this should not disappear in the first days of you moving in together, should not get lost in everyday problems and troubles. Feelings of warmth and support without any reason, bright smiles, declarations of love and understanding - this is an important step towards strengthening family relations.

In addition, most importantly, in life it often happens that we realize our love and begin to show it only when difficult times come. So, we all need to learn to appreciate those who are close, especially when everything is good.

3. No hard feelings.

The main thing for your inner world normal is to let go of past problem there for you need to have an ability to let go. Talk, communicate, solve problems as they arrive, not when you feel you have had enough and wish to divorce. Any discontent, about which you are silent today, will outgrow tomorrow and become a massive negative ball. As the result of your silence you will have a big quarrel. Instead of being offended and hoarding the pain and frustration, calm down and talk to your soul mate. There is no problem that could not be solved if both of you want to solve it. Moreover, if you are not telling that you are angry, how person would understand it? How can someone know that you do not like something if you never mentioned it? Therefore, your task is not to take offense at someone you love, but simply to talk and solve the problem before it gets big. Appreciate each other and talk more often!

4. Know how to compromise!

It’s main task of each family member. It’s time to prove to the world that you are ready to be not always right. Family is not only everyday work, but also your support in life. It’s not debates where everyone is trying to prove the point and win the argument. If you are wise, you can let it loose for everyone to be happy! Attempts to remake a family member as a person, attempts to suppress other people's opinion and character is the right way to end and destroy relationship. Anyone should be accepted the way they are, at the end you picked that person so support him. Of course, you might have fundamental different points of view to some matters, but it not the reasons to argue and swear. It is the reason to look for compromise solutions acceptable to all family members. The view of two different people on the same situation can be radically different. Desires too can’t be the same, and you have to find a way out of the situation. When dealing with complex issues never insist that your point of view is the only possible and correct. Make concessions, try to work together with your partner to find a solution to the problem that would suit you both. In some cases, the only way out of a difficult situation is a compromise.

5. Listen and hear!

Many scientists believe that the main problem of our days is luck of ability to listen your partner. Each of them pays much more attention to their own problems and thoughts than to their partner. Why does a man leave his family so often? Quite simply, woman not bothers to ask - “How was his day? What did he do today?” - starts describing her problem and difficulties, forgetting about the partner. And vice versa, men thinking about how tired he is, forgets to about the needs of his woman. It is so important for each of us that we are not only listened to, but also heard! Every man and woman wants their partner who cares about their health, worries about their business at work and at home. Everything is simple - if you are not interested in your partner today, tomorrow he will find another partner who will listen and support everything! So spend more time together. Put your phone on the dresser when you sit down at the table for dinner. Give yourself and your partner the opportunity to talk or just laugh at jokes together!

6. Personal space.

Do not forget that each of you is a person with their ambitions, desires and goals. Give a little freedom to your soul mate, and you will see, how he will fill his reserves with positive energy and share it with you, and not vice versa. Banning personal space can be bad for all family members. Do not forget that each partner can have his or her own hobbies, and he has the right to spend free time, as he wants. There is already connected trust, without which a normal relationship is simply impossible. Make a schedule for going to the pool, if you have children and you have no nanny. Read books or watch your favorite series in separate rooms for an hour in the evening. However, it should not develop into a rest from each other. On the contrary, it should be time to adjust from the working rhythm to the comfort of home. To be alone sometimes helps to recover after a hard working day!

7. Smile!

Smile more often. Show your care and friendliness more often. Do not hesitate to tell your family jokes and funny stories. They give a stunning effect on family mood. Let a man see that you are comfortable and happy with him. Then he will make even more effort to please you. Positive mood of all family members is an important criterion of harmonious relations! Train yourself to listen to good music, dance the whole family on weekends and arrange comedy evenings. Shoot a fun video and then review it together and laugh, lifting your mood. Meet your partner from work with a smile on your face. This is the main thing that he wants to see when he comes home – a happy wife! It is clear that we are all people, each of us can have problems, and experiences, we only say that a smile can help you to solve your problems and your partner will feel more comfortable with you.

8. Love yourself!

This point is very connected with the previous one. A woman can’t be happy, if she forgets about herself! Take a little “me time” every morning. Wake up with a smile and gratitude to the new day! Praise and love yourself for all the things that you do. Don't forget to thank yourself, thinking that it is your duty and don't take it for granted. Praising yourself means taking care of yourself. After all, it needs not only your partner needs you love, you need to love yourself! Take time for morning yoga or charging to pleasant music, household chores will not go anywhere. Arrange a meeting with your girlfriend in the middle of the day for a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and go to beauty salons. A woman, who looks after her appearance and in harmony with herself, always loves herself and the world around her! Therefore, her family will be in pleasant environment and happiness! If you will have regular tiredness, constant lack of sleep, you will get angry and in the end will take your aggression on every one. In the end, the negative can make problems or even destroy any relationship! That is why it is so important to love yourself and take care of yourself! Start with yourself, love yourself, and you will love the world around you! It is not for nothing that there is a rule in airplanes, put on a mask first for yourself, then for the child!

9. Admire your partner!

Praise and admire your loved ones as often as possible. Men and women love to be the best. Approval of women helps men to cope with any, the most difficult problem, and vice versa woman will try her best to be the sexiest and for the men who admires her. Most importantly, always do it sincerely and with love, no pretense and falsehood. Both a man and a woman will always feel if he is just flattered. Compliments and kind words, is so important for a harmonious relationship! Remember the best qualities of your partner and regularly remind them - that is what will make the day enjoyable and cheer up even in difficult moments. Make it a rule to leave your partner a note in the morning with the wishes of a good day and a Declaration of love. It will make both of you happy

10. Respect!

Each of our points is very important, but if there is not any respect in the relationship, it will not work. You picked the person to be next to you and you must respect him. Everyone has its own qualities. It can be kindness, charisma, accuracy, practicality, care and much more. However, the main thing that each partner should see them and appreciated! Also, stick to the rule: treat your partner the way you want him/her to treat you. Partner is our mirror! Therefore, you need to love and respect your partner as much as yourself. Also, have a respect for yourself, if there is abuse or aggression in your relationship. If you feel unhappy or afraid – run!

11. No criticism!

Do not make big mistake! Don’t criticize or humiliate each other at all, especially around other people. If you want to be harmonious and nice couple, always try to show friends and acquaintances that your partner is the master in your relationship. Please do not make man look stupid or foolish in front of other people. If you want to be wise woman, leave all conflicts until home. It will not only save your reputation but also give you time to think everything over.

12. Segregation of duties.

If woman is sitting at home with children on maternity leave, this does not mean that cleaning the house, wash dishes, floors, ironing and cooking is only her duty. The distribution of responsibilities in this case is the way to show respect. Sharing your household duties will leave you both times for each over and make everyone happy. Of course, it does not mean that when your husband came home from work tired, and you make him wash the floors or vacuum. However, help on preparation table when guests arrive or making dishes at the evening can be great deal for woman.

13. To diversify intimate life!

The most delicate theme is like a cherry on the cake! Perhaps the most important point to have strong and happy relationship is to have good sexual life. However, not only regularity is important. Your task is to go beyond your normal life and once a month or two make weekend unusual. You can take a room in a luxury hotel with Breakfast in bed. Buy new intimate lingerie or toys in a sex shop. Try something that you do not do in ordinary life. Do “it” in on the back of the car or in the parking lot! A good sexual relationship – the key to a harmonious and peaceful relationship! Despite the number of years you have lived together, you must still have a passion for each other, not a duty. Kisses touches and hugs all this will help to strengthen your intimacy.

Thanks to such a large list, it will be easier for you to understand how to be wise in a relationship! Remember that everything in the family must be mutual, consensual and in harmony! You will not be able to make your partner love you more if the love is gone! So follow our wish list and everything will be fine! Most importantly, remember that you must be a person who shares your views and looking in the same direction. Use the principles of strengthening the family and be happy!

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