We all read fairy tales, in which the end sounds like “…and they lived happily ever after”. And, of course, there comes the moment in every woman's fairy tale, when she says “Yes”. The happy ever after moment is so close the only stage there is left to do is wedding preparations. This magical day should be perfect in every way starting from invitations ending with decoration of the hall, but, of course, the most important element for every girl is definitely the dress. And, if a competent wedding organizer can help you with decorations and invitations, then who will help you with the choice of a dress? Everyone is trying to give a hand to the bride in such a difficult chose, from the best friend to the hated boss. Also, everyone is trying to give advice on hairstyles and accessories, which are right for their type and shape!

I decided to consult with designers and stylists to determine how to choose the perfect wedding dress.

The main thing, we need to determine, which of the five types belongs to the figure of the bride:

  • Apple (or the other way to call it oval);
  • Inverted triangle;
  • Hourglass;
  • The triangle (or also known as a type - pear);
  • Rectangle.

1. The girls with the oval figure usually narrow hips, bust lush, wide waist. Women with this type of figure will suit the models of dresses with a corset or so calledempire waist dress (don’t worry, if you are not familiar with this term, I will explain it later). This style is also suitable for women, who is waiting for a baby and doesn’t want to show it off.

2. The next type of shape is an "Inverted triangle". Such girls typically have broad shoulders and narrow hips.The strapless dress with a full skirt, models with a low waist or floor-lengtheveninggown with long sleeves will suit them very well.

3. Brides with the type of figure "Hourglass" are women whose narrow waist, hips and bust are almost the same. The Mermaid style dress will defiantly create an amazing look (I will also explain this term later in this article).

4. The owners of the “Pear” figure are the women whose hips and shoulders are narrow. We recommend them to pay attention to the outfits with a cutout (square or boat). It is also desirable that the neckline area would be decorated with lace and rhinestones and they should have pleated skirt with wedges.

5. And last, but not least is the bride with “Rectangle” shape figure. Such a ladyhas shoulders, waist and hips almost the same size. Therefore, they fit dresses with a corset and a full skirt.

The second, we will get acquainted with the most popular styles of dresses:

  • A-line dress with tight bodice or corsage to maintain shape and with A-shaped skirt.
  • Mermaid dress is a long gown that fits snug to the body until the bottom of the legs, where it flares out like a fish tail.
  • Empire waist dress in the Greek style dress with a high waist and drop-down vertical pleats.
  • Ball gown – a dress with tight bodice and very full skirt of the dome shape.
  • Short-dress with a fitted top and a short skirt. It is often to be added byatrain ora second translucent skirt.
  • Column dress –the dress follows the lines of the body, but has a slight extension at the bottom.

Third, it is important to determine the season, in which the celebration will take place. Since it depends on the fabric materials, the style of a dress and even hair and accessories. Consider the four seasons:

Summer. In the summer season, it is better to choose light, flying fabrics and lace, loose styles and warm shades. Brides can choose outfits with open back; sleeveless, short wedding dresses. It can be a wedding both "boho" or "classic" styles. The abundance of greenery and bright colors will accentuate the snow-white wedding dress.

Spring. In this season, the winning look outfits made of chiffon with satin. Brides can pay attention to wedding dresses-transformers and models with openwork sleeves and open back. Warm shades are also welcome when choosing a fabric.

Autumn. This season it is desirable to give preference to chiffon, dense lace, taffeta. Welcome long dresses with short sleeves, it is desirable to pay attention to the outfits color “ivory”. The fabric can be represented by satin, organza, guipure. The color of the dress can be chosen not only classic white, but also cream.

Winter. In this cold period straightor slightly flared to the bottom floor-lengtheveninggown will create an effective look. It’s better to choose silk or satin as a main fabric. Long sleeves made of lace will also look great. Winter gives you an opportunity to pick wedding dresses deep, rich colors (Bordeaux, Indigo, Purple).

Fourth, you need to understand what style you will have wedding celebration in. The style of your ceremony directly depends on the style of your dress. It gives you an opportunity to combine accessories in color with the style of the whole wedding.

So, the first most popular style is “Classic”. A-line dress would be perfect for such a celebration. Styles such as ball gown will also be perfect for classical wedding. The colors of jewelry can be combined with the style of the whole wedding.

No less popular style of wedding (especially in summer) is "Sea style". The most suitable options of dresses are the “empire waist dress” or “mermaid style dress”. In the design of such a celebration, you can use blue bows on chairs or in the design of the arch. Seashells and candles can be used to decorate the table of the bride and groom. Also, blue color in the clothes of the bride and groom. For example, a blue tie for the groom and a blue belt on the bride's dress.

The next most popular style is “Retro”. It can be mainly used in autumn or winter. Using this theme of her wedding day the bride can chose short dress with lace and lush skirt.

Nowadays it has become popular to hold weddings in the style of "Boho". In this case, a loose cut with embroidery, lace or lacing will be appropriate. This style is suitable mainly for summer or spring wedding, when you can hold a ceremony outside in nature.

And the modern style of "Tiffany" is also gaining its popularity. Here you will have to choose a straight cut dress with a sharp silhouette. Adjacent and straight styles of dresses are welcome.

The last important point after the selected dress is to choose right hairstyle and accessories. You need to focus not only on the condition of your hair, the type of figure, but also on the selected dress.

Let's start with a closed top dress, while the accessory is better to put on the hand or use brooches on the belt. Here you should focus on the benefits of your figure, for example, emphasize your sexy shoulders. For this dress style you better to have gathered up hair (shell, princess hair style, with plates and capture in the beam). You better not to use veils with such a hairstyle and replace it with a cute hat, especially, if your wedding is in "retro" style.

If you choose ball gown or A-line dress, then you should abandon the bare shoulders, dresses with short or puffy sleeves. You can add this style of dress with a bright big bow or with a brooch made of beads. It is better to refuse any decor in the décolleté area. You also need to choose are fairly voluminous hairstyles. Due to the lush bottom of the dress, the head can be small. Therefore, it can be raised up strands or loose curls with a fleece. Massive hairpins and a lush veil will help to add a visual volume to the hairstyle.

The next dress is with a trainor a second translucent skirt. Outfits with a train look luxurious, create an atmosphere of solemnity, so modest and simple hairstyle is not enough. For this dress you better to pick up hair-up styles, decorated with a tiara or large hair clips with stones or sequins. Complement the image with large accessories that will attract attention. For example, a suspension with large stones or pearls.

If your wedding will be in the marine style and you have chosen a dress "Fish". The large curls or braid, gathered on one side, would fit the dress of this style perfectly or you can choose large curls, flowing down on the shoulders. The front strands can be removed from the face and secured to the back of the head. Jewelry, in this case, should be gentle and not attract much attention.

If you have a short wedding dress, then this outfit would fit simple hair style. It can be a wet effect (bundles, tails, loose curls and so on). To create them, you may need a metal rim or a massive barrette. Emphasis should be placed on accessories that will elegantly complement the image and will be very miniature, but remember, that in the image of the bride's main thing is a dress and hairstyle. So sometimes earrings are just enough.

We have considered all the options for the type of shapes that we have, learned the most popular styles of dresses, determined the season of the event and what outfit to choose, chose the style of the wedding and picked up a hairstyle for the dress.

We hope that this material will be valuable for you and your event will be held at the highest level! And you will shine in a wedding dress in which all your advantages will only emphasize the beauty and individuality!

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