The first big step in the relationship is a kiss. It is an amazing feeling when you melt into your loved one thinking only about your partner. So how to make it remembered? We are going to introduce you with some useful tips about tongue kissing. In addition, we will explain how to understand she wants it too. French kissing methods for you and your girlfriend.

1. Look after your lips

Nobody likes bitten dry lips, so you need to know that your lips is soft enough. So if you want your kiss feel fantastic, look after your lips and hands. By the way, dry lips can be a sign of dehydration. So not to let that happen drink more and motorize your lips. Do not worry if you look in the mirror before a date and see chapped lips, just use balm or lip cream. However, do not overdo it. Your partner should feel you not the makeup or cream. If you are about to kiss and you have no time to get ready, just lick your lips. This method also attracts girls because licking the lip can turn them on.

2. You should smell nice

You need to have fresh breath even if you are not going to kiss in a minute. Brush your teeth take a chewing gum or Mentos. You better not to eat smelling foods like garlic, onion, pepper, and fish. Visit a restroom and use your menthol mints for a minute. Better, do not do it in front of the girl, it might seem too arrogant and put her off.

3. Eye contact is very important

All the right kisses start with the look in the eyes. Just stand in front of her touch her face with your hand to get her attention and look deeply in her eyes. Then look down to her lips, then back to her eyes. This move will show her your intention. By the way, when we are into someone or something, our eye pupils enlarge. You can even bite your lower lip to show that you are ready for a kiss.

4. Do not be too serious

We all get nervous before the first kiss with new partner, but do not show it to her and do not forget to smile. If you are confident with yourself, your partner will gain that energy as well. It is especially nice to smile just before the kiss is finished to show your partner you liked it. However, make sure your smile look natural.

5. You need body contact

You need to break the ice between you and your partner. Little touches some hugs are the best way to do it. It is not easy to do, but it should be done before kissing. Touch the hand or remove lock of hair from her face. There are some especially sensitive places on a female body like hands, neck or back. You can stroke her hand or back in the resonant, gently touch her neck pretending to push back her hair or just hug her under her waist.

6. It is time to get closer

You feel it is a time to move your body closer to hers. Make the first move come a bit close and give her some time to do the same. Move her towards you slowly look at her eyes and give her a smile. Do everything slowly it increase the tension and passion of the intimate moment and give her opportunity to get used to each other.

7. Focus on your date

Next step in a French kisses technique is to lean your heads slowly so you would not bump your noses. Touch her face and close your eyes when you feel your partner’s lips on your is not very comfortable and romantic to kiss with your eyes open. You never know where the kiss will happen and you surely do not want to be destructed from it. So close your eyes to not to let anything ruin the magic of the moment. Open your mouth slightly to let your date’s tongue get inside it.

8. First kisses

The first kiss should not be rough. You just getting to know each other so just touch her lips with you putting as much tenderness as you can. Act very slowly, because such kisses have much higher level of intimacy than quick ones.

9. And finally how to kiss your girl with your tongue

The French kiss is more passionate and takes you to the next level. You have to be gentle and passionate but not aggressive. Move forward and open your mouth a little wider. Stroke her tongue with yours gently. You have to feel if your partner responds to your and answers to the kiss. If she likes it, she will allow you to continue. If not – she can even move her head to stop. Do not be disappointed, she might be not into French kiss or just thinks it is not the right place for it. You must patient and just wait until the next time.

More tips for your amazing tongue kissing

When to kiss with tongue

It feels amazing to kiss someone like that. It is a culmination when both of you cannot wait and get more intimate. But you must understand it is the right time. Look at the sings to understand it.

French kiss is very intimate and you need to make sure you are in the right place. You must be alone.
Only in private atmosphere, you can take your time and enjoy each other. Both of you have to be happy, calm and in a romantic mood.
Your partner is trying to get closer to you, touching you face or hands biting her lip, looking at your eyes. Maybe, there will be an awkward situation when you do not know what to talk about anymore because you want to kiss and not to talk and the level of tension is extremely high.
Your date is about to end and you want her to think about you for the rest of the night. You can kiss her when you accompanied her to the house. It feels just right to move this far with no explanation why.

Follow these tips, but also follow your heart and body to lead you on and get some experience!

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