You can not count how many dates you have been on. You are disappointed in all of them believing that you just cannot find “the right one”. Maybe it is happening due to the false believes in myths about dating. In this article, we are going to open your eyes on some of the dating myths.

Look at some of the common myths we meet in our field of work.

Women should be more decent and modest for a better impression

It could have been true if we lived in 19th century, although in the modern dating culture it is obsolete opinion. Remember, we do need two people to have a dialogue and no one wants so pull out the information from you, and the last thing that you want is a job interview instead of a date where the guy is asking questions and the lady answering them. Although it is enjoyable for a woman to look reserved and gentle on a date, it may be the first and the last date for her if the same issue continues. A tip is you have to be yourself, and show that you are interested in partner as well.

Men do not need to prepare for a date

Many men believe that women dress up and use make up for men to love them. Well it is not true. Women just enjoy dolling up themselves. However, that does not mean guys should not make any effort at all. The proverb says: “Good clothes open all doors” so man needs to look clean and tidy to make first impression on woman!

No one says you need to wear tailored tuxedo or dressy evening gowns on a first date but dressing smart is a sign of respect and a measure of how much the person cares. Well, you never know if you may just meet the one on this date!

Men should always do the first step

In this modern era, people much more talking about sex equality in every field in our life. So is it the same when it comes to the date? From old times, women do not make the first move as it may be seen as a ‘desperate move’. However, scientists done some research and proved that 90% of men are cool with the idea of being asked out by a woman. In fact, men like when women take part in chosen the date restaurant or just giving new ideas what to do. In the end, how can man find out you, want more if you do not give them the green light?

We need to understand that everyone fear the rejection not only women! And dating is a game for two, and if partners see and dhow the sings of interests the date will decently be successful. So, for ladies who are wondering whether you should text first just do it. It's better to regret doing something than regret doing nothing.

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