You have already tried all the famous dating sites, but it is still tricky to figure out which one is more convenient and safer. Each app has its own nuances and rules, and you just want to install the app, set up an account and start dating. Once again you go to the store and read reviews, instead of looking for love or chatting with like-minded people. Tired of it?

You are lucky to find our review of the brand new dating app Promenad. My friends ask me:

  • How does Promenad work?
  • Is Promenad good site?
  • Is Promenad safe?
  • How to set up a cool online dating profile in Promenad?
  • What is the main feature of Promenad and other stuff?

Below is a detailed Promenad review. So let's see if this thing is worth your time. 

What is promenad?

Imagine a social network that cares about your safety not only online, but also offline. Imagine a dating site without bots and fishy accounts. The developer claims Promenad is not just an app with a user-friendly interface, it is a modern platform for communicating with people from all over the world in a comfortable environment. Promenad allows you to make friends, find like-minded people and meet true love.

Where to find Promenad app?

Now the web version of the service is available for use. Soon you can download Promenad for free from App Store. In Google store, the app will be available in the fall.

Who is the Promenad for?

There are no age restrictions in the app. Feel free to join Promenad if you are under and over 20 or more than 50 years old. The world of online dating is open to everyone. All you need to do to start dating in this app is log in via your phone or Facebook. Don’t forget to verify your account by adding your phone number later in the settings. Just enter the access code which is sent to your number in a text message. Without verification, you will not be able to like people and start chatting. This is so that other profiles know you are not fake.

How to set up a Promenad profile?

Creating a Promenad profile is simple and easy to do. Log in to the site, upload a photo and simply provide the basics like your gender, what relationship type you’re seeking and your interests. But don't forget to verify your phone number in the settings, and fill in the "About Me" box. You can specify your orientation, profession, worldview, political views and so on. You don't have to fill out this form immediately, but you may return to it later if you want. When it comes to your bio, highlight some of your most desirable traits, whether that’s a great career or children. Don’t just jot down a list of adjectives. Think about how you would describe yourself to someone at a party and write something along those lines.

How much does Promenad cost?

Is Promenad free? Yes it is. The service does not require mandatory subscriptions to use, but Promenad has its own currency – Leaves. After signing up, you will receive 3 Leaves. This means you can "like" only three profiles. You can to buy extra leaves to start chatting, exchanging likes and previewing more profiles. Now in the "Leaf Shop" you buy +20 leaves for $9,99. There are also packages of 50 and 100 Leaves.

How does Promenad work?

In the "Browse" section, you are able to view user profiles that match your main search criteria. Each profile page lists a member's age, online status, distance from you, and main interests. There is also a "Nearby online" option shows all active users near you. It's easy to make a decision: if a stranger’s profile attracts you - "like" it and start chatting, if it doesn’t - skip it. You can also add a profile to your favorites or block it. In the "Search" section it is possible to look for additional profiles. In the "Chat" section, you get access to active conversations with your chat friends. In future Promenad will have section with games and sets of safe places for dating. Keep an eye on the updates.

The main feature of the app is the selection of profiles according to your interests. Promenad picks out perfect matches for you and recommends you to start communicating with them. First of all, pay attention to the hobby section, the success in dating will depend on it. If you think there is no such people in the whole world with interests similar to yours, you will be pleasantly surprised. Promenad has already found them for you.


Promenad have online magazine with articles about love, relationships and fun. What should I do if a girl leaves me? How do I know it's time to break up with a boyfriend? Where to hang out on Valentine's Day? Explore these topics in Stories Promenad.

Is Promenad a good site?


  • Promenad cares about the security of its customers, so it promises to protect you and your personal data from fakes, bots and scammers;
  • In Promenad, you can communicate with people from all over the world (especially USA and Canada);
  • There are a lot of suggested matches;
  • The search functions are fairly detailed;
  • Clear interface;
  • Online magazine.


  • Small database of profiles;
  • Initiating a message or like exchange requires buying of extra leaves;
  • There are no additional options and features other than browse/search and chat.

There's nothing better than knowing for sure the person you're texting isn't fake. Often you do not know how to start a conversation or the person you are talking to does not answer for weeks and then disappears from the site. In Promenad, you can preview online dating profile you like to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises in the future. If you like secure communication with people from all over the world and a user-friendly interface, then Promenad definitely suits you.

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