Your first marriage has finished for some reason and you have kids. At first, all you ever wanted is spent time with your children but now you understood that you are ready for the new try. Hey, that is perfectly fine. Raising kids is not easy and sometimes you just need to spend time with someone who is not talking about cartoons and toys. Our team have asked the single dads who use the dating service what advice they can give to single dads who are just jumping back into the dating world. And that’s what they answered.

Rule 1. Do not take it too fast

If it was not too long ago after splitting or divorcing with your kid’s mother or even if you lost the loved one, be careful and starting your way back into dating, instead of jumping in it fully. When you decide to date again, timing can mean everything. If you have any feelings for mother of your children (it does not matter if its love or anger sadness or regrets) means that you are not ready for new start.

Rule 2. You need to prepare your children

The first thing you need to do is to talk to your kids. It is all depends on how old are they when you think about how to say that dad wants to date again, but the massage should be clear. Explain that they are the most important people in your life and that will never change, but you need some friends your own age who share your interests.

Rule 3. Choose carefully

You are not alone now so choose the woman you want to spend time with wisely. Some day you will introduce her to your children and you do not want her to be bad example for them. Not only that, but should things become serious, you want to make sure that they are dependable and can rise to any emergency if you are unavailable to be there.

Rule 4. Be certain before you introduce the children

Children are attached very quickly and vice versa, they can get psychological harm if the person is mean to them. Before you decide to introduce your children to the person you are seeing, you want to make sure both of you are ready to be a part of your kids’ lives.

Rule 5. Do not be between two fires

The biggest and most popular mistake that fathers make is jumping in to relationship and start spending less time with kids. Never choose between the woman and your children. First because the woman who is taking man and his children seriously will never stand between them. Secondly, love can fade over time and maybe they will be out of your life within a few months or years, but your children will always be a part of your life and they will remember this situation as a betrayal.

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