When we describe a classy lady, we mean a number of certain qualities, such as grace, mystery and elegant inherent which makes her different from others. All these qualities come from a woman's sense of self-confidence, with slight hint of impudence, courtesy, kindness, and often includes a perfect sense of style - this style is unique and extraordinary.

The classy woman knows her worth. A real woman is grateful and knows etiquette. She does not allow her mood to influence her manners. To be a true lady means not being snob and look over everyone head, she must have decent behavior, respect for all people and herself. A classy lady will never act only for the benefit of her interests, but also will never allow herself to be manipulated and humiliated. That is how many men describe their characteristics of a lady and so we decided to collect a set of features that will help to see the true woman in the crowd.

So, let us represent the 23 main factors that make a woman classy.

1. Dignified women - not rude to other women

Perhaps, this is the first sophisticated woman characteristic. A real lady can't be rude. You will never hear gossip or rudeness about another woman from women with class. Even, if she hears the causticity in her address, the true lady does not pay attention to the envious, but simply proudly goes through her life on her own terms.

2. The true woman refrains from rude speech and swearing

She is smart enough to be able to prove her point without using profanity. A classical woman always knows how to use her speech in a favorable light for herself. After all, speech makes us different from animals.

3. She dresses not simply with taste, but dresses with dignity

The outfit does not necessarily have to cost a lot, more importantly, to find clothes that actually fit, right the size and style, and adequately emphasized all the advantages, hiding all the flaws. The style does not have to be classic, just one that will set you apart from the crowd and make men and women hold their breath in admiration.

4. A classy lady is erudite and intelligent

Books are the trump card of any sophisticated woman. After all, to expand your vocabulary, be able to take part in any conversation and look in the best light - you need to read a lot. Only a well-read woman can be considered true lady.

5. A true woman knows the limits of decency

Business calls must not occur before 9 am and not later than 9 pm. Do not interrupt your interlocutor and always keep a decent distance, so as not to invade the personal space of the converser. These and many other rules must be remembered as a mantra for classy woman. The propriety and perfect manners — that is the sign of a dignified women.

6. A true lady will never begin her acquaintance with the words "Hi", She will say:"Hello, I'm very pleased to meet you." 

A classy woman speaks with confidence and always speaks in plain language, not too fast and not using slang or phrases understandable only for her. Don't say ”What’s up" or ”Um", because it makes you look shortsighted.

7. She remembers people's time and is punctual

Of course it is clear that many people are interested only in their own time and needs, but not a True Lady. Although there is a common belief that a lady always 15 minutes late – it is not true. Classy lady is always punctual and knows exactly how expensive time is not only for her, but also for other people.

8. Politeness is one of the main characteristic of a classy woman

It is not so difficult to say thank you to the man who opened the door for you or smile and thank the taxi driver. In the vocabulary of a true lady you can always hear these words at a restaurant, she starts the order with the words "may I please have..." And ends with "thank you very much." Moreover, she does not neglect her charming smile, making everyone around feel important.

9. She only gives compliments, when she honestly believe in them

A real lady will never compliment a tasteless hat or a terrible make-up. Although many people think that flattery is “must have” in any dialogues – it is not. If you make a compliment just for the sake of a compliment, you can expose yourself to a tasteless woman, and you do not need it (see point 3).

10. A classy lady offers her help and is attentive to those around her

To transfer the grandmother across the road, to help the host of the house to prepare the table, to listen to the upset girlfriend. It is not a problem for a real lady. She is sensitive and ready to lend a friendly shoulder when necessary.

However, everything should have it is limits, and for the sake of help, do not forget about yourself and your needs. If what you are asked for is unacceptable to you, you have every right to refuse.

11. When she receives an invitation, she immediately accepts the invitation or refuses

When she gets help or hospitality from someone, she always thanks the one who helped her; Most of the time she will give symbolic gift in the form of a bouquet or a box of chocolates.

12. True lady will never come to the event empty-handed

She brings a small hostess gift. That is how a real Lady shows her respect for the home and it is owners. More over this rule is not only applies to unfamiliar people. She comes with a cake or a bottle of wine even to the best friend or to the mother.

13. Classy woman is a woman of her word

She has a solid and good reputation based on the firmness of her word. She keeps promises and commitments. She is known among her friends and family as someone who is reliable.

14. She does not call him

A classy female knows her worth. She knows for sure that if a man is a gentleman, he will call first and show his attention to her. If you feel that the initiator of communication is only you, then you know, you are not dealing with a gentleman and should move on.

15. A classy lady is not petty

A true lady is not fixated on gifts and attention. She builds their communication not on mercantile benefit and never plans to communicate with those who can give her gifts or decorations.

Believe me, only when you start looking for a companion in knowledge, intelligence and honesty, you can find a decent circle of friends and a decent Panther.

16. She is not envious

A true woman will not envy someone else's happiness or belongings. She does not think the neighbor’s children are better than her own children are. She is so confident in herself and her happiness that she knows - she is getting better.

17. The lady knows she is only competing with herself

This means that the real woman will be jealous. Checking massages, shouting and swearing at her man in a fit of jealousy is opposite of what t true lady does. In the end, love can't be forced, and a real woman knows her worth and does not arrange jealous scandals.

18. They always hold up with dignity

Oh, sure, she get upset and angry, everybody does it. However, the women with class whom I know, never make fuzz and do not show their anger on the people.

19. A classic woman is an inspirer

She is talented in all areas and inspire others. She can always cheer and bring to the right idea, to get out of a desperate situation. Men call her a muse, women call her wise friend.

20. Being classy woman no way gives you the right to act like a snob

Although, she feels better than others, a true woman never diminishes the dignity of another person in order to exalt himself.

21. Women with class are good listeners

Yes, you are smart and intelligent and, of course, you want to share your knowledge with the world, but a dignified woman not only speaks well, but also listens. This is not only a great way to show your interest in a person, but also to learn a lot.

22. She always refers to unfamiliar people as "sir" or "ma’am."

When she refers to the man, she always calls him "Mr. (last name)“, the woman ”Mrs.“ or ”Miss (last name)". Until she get to know each other enough to go by names.

23. She speaks faithfully

True, if a woman says something, she means it. Whether protecting animals, defending the rights of women or the elderly, she must be faithful to her words. In addition, the best way to show your loyalty is an act.

I hope these signs will help you to see characteristics of a lady in the crowd or become a true lady.

Do not be afraid of changes, try to be better than you are, develop best qualities in yourself and you will become or find your true lady.

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