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Lynda, 39 years old, female Lynda is elegant and attractive woman. Because of her work in travel agency she knows how spend her free time travelling. Her main interest is to open new things in her life, such as museums, restaurants cities or countries. She is looking for a man who could be next to her, and enjoying opening something new with her.
Tina, 53 years old, female As a student, she was fond of photography, visiting exhibitions,and reading books about art! Now working as a professional photographer for 5 years she has traveled the world with her shots! She is looking for a man who loves art as much as she does. Cheerful Tina loves to meet new people, walks, and having fun with friends! She also loves animals, especially her dog Tom
Bonnie, 53 years old, female Who likes long night walks and romancing dinners? Bonnie is a cook and knows British French and Chinese cuisine. She also loves romantic novels and became an expert in English literature. She is looking for a strong and honest gentlemen who will melt her heart.
Vanessa, 37 years old, female The owner of a beauty salons! She is a stylist, hairdresser, and makeup artist at the same time! She loves to develop her business and has already opened 5 salons in the city. She is a generous boss and often takes all of her stuff out to town for corporate meetings! She loves to have fun, arrange dance competitions and much more! Vanessa adheres to a healthy lifestyle, a and takes care of their health!
Vicky, 44 years old, female She loves to cook and invite her friends over for dinner! Often bakes pies, cakes, muffins and treats her colleagues at work, for what she was nicknamed sweet fairy! She lives a very active lifestyle, constantly learning something new and interesting. Also loves to visit the pool and gym, and usually has picnic with her friends on the weekends.
Sheila, 45 years old, female She is a nurse and sands day saving people in surgery. She is looking for smart and caring man who likes to spend evening at home relaxing and watching movies. She loves children and know how to take care of them.
Catherine, 37 years old, female Catherine is a prep school teacher and believes that it is her calling. She loves children, quiet romancing evenings at home and dancing. But that are not her only benefits, Catherine is a great singer and loves karaoke nights out.
Michelle, 39 years old, female Attractive passionate stylish woman looking for her soul mate. Michelle is an English journalist who believes in love from the first sight. She enjoys long deep talks and long walks on the fresh air. She has lots of different interest but her main one is a history of her country. On her free time, she is taking tango lessons and plays tennis, also loves hanging out with her friends in a pub or a café.
Cara, 40 years old, female Smart and gorgeous at the same time, Cara is easy going and adventurous woman who is looking for somebody who will share all of her interests. He loves sea and diving, brilliant at water skiing and has passion for modern arts.
Susan, 38 years old, female She is very beautiful and very spontaneous psychologist. However, not only she is stunning she is very sporty too. Aero yoga, fitness, karate is least part of her sports interests! She also loves to travel and to spend time out of the house. She wants to meet an active and charming man who has a rich personality self-confined with respect for women.
Lolita, 35 years old, female Stylish woman with long dark hair and blue eyes who always catches the interesting look from men of all type. Lolita is an accountant in a big firm and looking for responsible and caring man between 35-45 years old. She enjoys theatres and making thing with her own hands. Prefers home evenings to parties or lout gatherings.
Donna, 39 years old, female Donna is slim and beautiful Yoga trainer, who loves nature and kind people. Honesty and warmth is very important to her, so these are the main qualities she is looking in men. She also takes care of a nature and becomes a volunteer in sea rescue programs.
Brad, 37 years old, male Brad is a fitness club trainer and takes part in bodybuilding competitions. He believes that the beautifully built body shows the strong, motivated and disciplined men! He is very handsome and pumped up. He is looking for a petite and kind girl 25-33 years old. He likes to spend his free time with friends and family, so he wants his soul mate to enjoy it as well.
Bill, 40 years old, male Bill just loves to travel around the world, discovering new horizons, meeting new people! Learn new languages and trying new food in every country! He is also passionate about boxing. Looking for an active girl under 35 years old who will keep him company in the opening of the world and would cook homemade dinners for them!
Steve, 35 years old, male Being a manager of IT Company and spending most of the day in an office, he loves spending his free time outside. Skiing and snowboarding are his favorite sports! He likes to read books, especially fiction, and collects toy cars.
Kurt, 42 years old, male Engaged in professional Cycling. According to Kurt, Cycling is a great way to have fun and it is perfect for your stamina. He also takes care of a nature and uses bike instead of car to get to work so he could reduce pollution of the environment. He loves interesting people and enjoys spending time at home watching movie and eating popcorn in good company.
Robert, 54 years old, male Robert is an engineer and loves his job. He is attractive, smart and a little shy. He has a daughter who lives with him, so he is looking for a woman who likes children. Lucas is very funny and once a month takes part at stand up shows, where he has won several times. Loves Pets and spend a lot of time outdoors.
Thomas, 38 years old, male Thomas is an owner of small HR company. His business takes a lot of his time, although he always finds time for his loved one. He wants to find smart, kind woman who would like to spend long evenings having chats watching films or having romantic dinners. He does not like sports very much, but ready to change for somebody he loves.
Jeff, 47 years old, male The university professor Jeff is doctor in chemistry. It is pleasure for him to work with his students and share his knowledge with others. In his free time, Fred loves to watch old films and play the piano. He is looking for a woman 40-45 years old who is fun to be with and who could teach him something new.
Grant, 43 years old, male Grant a cook and loves everything what comes with food. He is open hearted and honest, prefers to see only good in people. Despite of the fact that he works with food he is in very good shape, because he spends 3 days a week at the gym. Tall and very attractive, sensitive and fun, he has everything that woman looking for in man.
Jason, 36 years old, male Having his own business Jason is very hard working and may seem a little bit cold at first sight , however everyone who knows him well say that he is the most generous man they have ever see. He is looking for a classy lady about his age, who has not only beauty but also brain and a sense of humor.
Theo, 45 years old, male Theo is the lead programmer of a large firm. Being a versatile personality, he is interested in such things as the history, sports and of course computers. He is looking for a sincere girl who will help to create comfort not only in his home but also in his life.
Mark, 41 years old, male Mark chief engineer at the plant recently retired. Thanks to his love of theater, he created a small Amateur theater in his country estate. He is looking for a smart, versatile woman of his age who will share his hobbies and lifestyle.
Mateo, 36 years old, male Mateo is a plastic surgeon working in one of the most prestigious clinics in Italy. Raised in a family of opera singers, he loves music and everything connected with it. He loves to play tennis. He is looking for a natural woman who could cook homemade dinners and ready to take care of him.

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